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Take the ten steps over the bridge of hope to the peace of God Each step leads further from anxiety and closer to God and the truths of His Word Instruction on how to overcome fears, worries and handle temptation for lasting peace

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Reaching Beyond Mediocrity  Discipleship 2 Level

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity

Faith's Triumph Over Temptation

Paul J. Bucknell

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity teaches believers how to master principles to overcome sin affecting different areas of their lives by combining spiritual warfare principles (first four chapters) with biblical counseling truths (chapters on anger, worry, lusts, depression, and pride). Learn why specific steps are necessary to become an overcomer. Consider this book as a primer on biblical counseling for all Christians. Check our Digital #2 Library for audio/video teaching (includes the book)!

"I wanted to tell you how much of an impact the RBM teaching is having on my life. It has been an absolute encouragement and lifeline that God has used to restore my hope, something I did not even know I had been lacking so much in my life. I have been deeply touched by God, and I am so grateful for His faithfulness in leading me to BFF and to you for sharing this teaching on line." – D.

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity

The expanded and revised edition.

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Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Discipleship #2 (730+ pages)

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D2The BFF Discipleship 2 Training Library costs only a little more but includes our discipleship 2 books: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity, Overcoming Anxiety and Running the Race plus slides, worksheets, and handouts with the accompanying videos and audios. Many other discipleshp articles are also included. A great bargain!

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Reaching Beyond Mediocrity shows the path you overcome major areas of struggle in your Christian life. The first four chapters identify the foundations for using the principles from God's Word foundational to overcome all sorts of temptations. The other chapters use these principles to overcome the most challenging spiritual issues troubling Christians.

Here are some basic questions that most Christians ask but never get answered! We answer them here.

  • Why am I not spiritually growing anymore? What should I expect?
  • One area of my life holds me back. How can I break through this?
  • I want to grow but just do not know what to do next. What steps should I take?d2 levels
  • I feel bad about where I spiritually am right now. I am not sure anything can help me. Should I feel this way?
  • I want to disciple others but do not know where to start or what to say. Can you make some suggestions?
  • I have heard how God blesses others through His Word, but it is not often that way with me. Are there any special things to help me grow in my quiet times with God?

Think of intermediate discipleship as the time one learns about how to rightly handle God's Word so that you can overcome temptation, big and small. It is a temporary stage. We learn the principles, adopt them and move onto maturity. That is God's plan!

  • Possess God’s Peace: Overcoming Anxiety

  • Cling to Humility: Overcoming Pride

  • Embrace God’s Love: Overcoming Lust

  • Acquire God’s Patience: Overcoming Anger

  • Adopt God’s Hope: Overcoming Depression

Summary of Reaching Beyond Mediocrity

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity is designed not only to help you to overcome these life battles but enable you to share with others the process of how God does this.

This process is not meant to be a secret and does not cost anything. Through this process, the believer is revived, strengthened in faith, finds sufficient faith to encourage others to grow and testifies to God’s glorious ways.

Some believers will consider this incredulous, but these principles are rooted in scripture and seen worked out in life situations–like mine. Growing up in a terribly dysfunctional family, over my life I have battled all alone many kinds of problems like lusts, anger and pride. I have wasted most of my life learning the hard way.

This book illustrates how to use these biblical principles to overcome and how to adapt them to every area of your life. None of us were meant to be young people forever. We are to grow into strong and mature believers. This material can easily be used for adult Sunday School or small group discussions.

My experience

I am afraid my family would be an absolute wreck if it was not for God's amazing grace. He saved me when 12 years old but without any personal discipleship and a problemed home, I struggled with many sins and difficulties.

Over the years I learned how through God's Word to overcome these sins. He has step by step given me insight how to overcome them along with opportunities to prove them. I want to share these power but simple principles so that you like all believers do not spend most of their Christian life wasted away. God is there to make us strong. "You are strong!" (1 John 2:14).

About Paul J. Bucknell (top to purchase)

Bucknell family 2009Paul has been married 40+ wonderful years and has eight children!

With oversea church planting ministry (in Taiwan) during the 80s and pastoral experience during the 90s, Paul is able to use his many experiences to address the challenges Christian believes and church leaders alike are facing.

His experience has been further broadened during his many international Christian leader training seminars. Paul has authored more than 25 books and is president of Biblical Foundations for Freedom and Executive Director of Christian Leadership Renewal. Learn more about Biblical Foundations for Freedom or Rev. Paul J. Bucknell.

Level 2 of discipleship was meant to grow out of. Have you yet so grown? He helps us so that our hearts are filled with praise.

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Learn more about Biblical Foundations for Freedom or Rev. Paul J. Bucknell.