Pray BFF#43                                             May 4, 2003

Dear Prayer Team,

Protection Again!

The Lord is asking us to trust Him with all of our possessions! First it was a little computer (though crucial for ministry). Then it was the van, which is now being repaired. But early Monday morning, we thought it might be everything we own. We were at the edge of a towering inferno!

A burning wood factory sent flames up about 150 feet incinerating some houses in our neighborhood up on the cliff above it. We praise God for directing the flame away from the houses for otherwise we would have had no neighbors left! The houses are adjacent to each other on the other side of the street.

I told our children and some neighbors, we need to be prepared to leave everything at any moment. We are thankful that no one was hurt and we received absolutely no damage. Praise His Name!

See for lots of pictures.

Advance in Prayer!

Pastor Stephen in India needs our prayers as he targets his large area. He is starting off right but needs God's peoples help to shield them in their efforts. The total population of Vizianagaram (34 Mandals (districts)) is 22,45,103. According to 1991 census the Christian Population is a meager 7149. He has already started holding Intercessory Prayer Conferences in each district.

We need your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Thank the Lord for protection of everyone and everything during the fire! He directed the wind away.

The van is being repaired. Thankfully the insurance company gave us a rental. A bit small but great.

The parents are making some good comments about how the parenting class is helping them.

God has helped Elizabeth much in these last weeks.

Praise God that the Christian hospital reduced Elizabeth 's bill by 100%! That is grace in action.

Keep asking for wisdom, endurance and help in designing the last few sessions the Biblical Parenting Principles series.

Pastor Stephen in India is initiating Intercessory Prayer Conferences in the many areas around him. Let's support him in prayer.

Continue to pray for the effective application of the parenting seminar to the parent's lives. One has moved to Canada. Another is about to give birth.

Our goal for daily page views this year is 2,000. We are thankful for the 1,200+ and 1,300+ views for the days before but still have a long way to go.

Paul hasn't yet heard from the initial grant intrduction letter sent last week

Linda needs prayer as she remains home with the six youngest children when Paul and Christy go visit Elizabeth.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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