Is it time to give up? No.
The time has come to deal
with those anxious thoughts.
One writer in the Psalms, faced very difficult circumstances. Maybe they
are not the same you or I face, but it was most difficult. More will be said
of this later, but it is important to know that he has experienced the same
surges of worry before a person falls into a state of anxiety. The stress
from his circumstances combined with a wave of anxious thoughts made
it impossible on his own to keep from worry. But he did. Join us as we
cross this bridge of hope with the psalmist.
I want to leave
these worries
I desire
peace of mind
from God
Our first step is to see the bridge, to be actually convinced that
there is a way to deal with our troubled hearts. The second
step is to get on that bridge. It is not as easy as it sounds. Just
follow through step by step and you will soon be over!

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