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Christian Premarital Counseling Manual
for Counselors

Christian Premarital Counseling

- Preparing the Two to Be One -

Paul J. Bucknell

Intro | Design | Communication | Decisions | Finances | Differences | Intimacy
Purchase Christian Premarital Counseling now! (download or printed). We now offer epub or pdf downloads with links to all handouts and forms.

Premarital counseling is a highly specialized but important form of mentoring for the church. Many churches are starting to implement premarital counseling but have very limited resources. This fits right into that niche. Really practical.

Building a Great MarriageBiblical Foundations for Freedom (BFF) provides free online resources including both handouts to be used during the sessions as well as worksheets to take home (or to send electronically).

Our hope is that couples will get better counsel, godly advice and a strong biblical foundation.

And to top it off, BFF has provided many top quality articles on marriages sorted in three categories: 'Preparing for Marriage,' 'Strengthening Good Marriages' and 'Renewing Poor Marriages.' Click on our marriage book above!

When special problems develop, you can easily send them a link to our many free resources.