A Miracle!

Need for Taiwan churches in 1986.

A Miracle!

Making plans are easy. Having a set of sure plans is nearly impossible. This brings us to our first big lesson. Planning helps us see our need of God's help. We knew what we hoped for, but we could not get it done without a miracle. But praise God the needed miracle happened.

Christ was busy building His church. Just before we returned to the field, two separate sources suggested the need to start a church in this area. TIEF (Taiwan Industrial Evangelical Fellowship) mentioned this area of need to our mission leaders. Meanwhile the Wuchang church also spotted this needy area and started investigating that same area.

We wrote in our missionary prayer letter on June 16, 1986, just before we got to Taiwan that, "Our former church had already started formulating plans to start a new work in Wujya…. Their plans coincide perfectly with ours."

This was amazing. This was God-planned.We had not spoken to the church about this matter during our furlough nor did we even know this area of need.

God loves to reveal our inabilities so that His Name is praised.

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