Prayers of Faith

Nine people baptized on Christmas Day a few months later.

A Christmas Baptism!

3) Prayers of Faith

Serious challenges of this work helped lay the foundation of this new church in prayer and faith.

  • How much did we want this new church to happen? What if it didn't?
  • Did we really care about them, or did we only care about our own lives?
  • What were our attitudes toward those who made decisions that we didn't like?
  • Were we really open to what God wanted?

God worked through our brokenness to build up our faith so that we really wanted what He wanted and were confident He would bring it all about in His time for His glory. In our brokenness we could see that victory comes through times of faithful prayers.

We were all so touched to see so many commit themselves to the Lord on our first Christmas baptismal service. We all knew God's light had broken through the darkness.

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