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Here are two questions you can possibly respond to regarding the theme 'pure in heart':
  1. What has helped you understand the concept of pure in heart?

  2. What does it practically mean for you to be pure in heart?

What has helped you understand the concept of pure in heart?

Under the Surgeon's Knife

Each new year I chose a theme so I could focus and improve on an area of my life. This year was no different, but nothing I thought of that year would have prepared me for this shaping experience. Early one morning, when all was still dark and quiet, I sensed God was speaking to me.

I saw nothing. I heard no audible voices. The Lord was there, however. I do not remember any event or scripture that prompted this event, but I seemed to be thinking about dedicating myself to God. At this time He motioned for me to lay flat on my back. I immediately lay down on my study floor just as if I was on an operating table. And then He stepped closer.

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As He approached, I could sense Him scanning my life. I was totally vulnerable. I could hide nothing under the eyes of that surgeon. He searched the deep recesses of my heart.

Then my Lord asked me for the knife. All of a sudden I was aware that He wanted the surgeon’s knife that was in my hand.

A deep and intense inner struggle began. If I gave Him the knife, then that would give Him permission to ‘cut’ away any part of me that He desired. He was the wise surgeon and could see what evil parts needed to be cut out of my life. This was a tough battle. What if he chose to cut away my health, my job, my wife, my children, etc.? What would happen?

Then my thoughts turned to His faithfulness and love for me. If He did, in fact, take any of those things most precious to me, then even this would be the very best for all concerned and most necessary for me.

The struggle got more intense. Only my unwillingness to give Him the knife made the battle so difficult. My brow was sweating. My mind was racing with thoughts about those people and things I loved so much.

I finally gave Him the knife. I decided to trust Him.

I know what that meant. He could do anything to me or those around me. I only asked that He would provide and care for those people and situations about me that I cared for so much.

I did not know what would happen that year.

I had made the decision to trust Him. Although nothing sizable happened that year, I was all the more holy, dedicated, and pure as I affirmed what I had many times said before. I have died to myself and live only for Him.


Purifying My Heart

A friend told me about an inner healing class at their church. It was really something. Here I am 50 years old. Bible college graduate, gone to church almost every Sunday and Wednesday. But spiritually I was bankrupted. In reality I was unconverted. A divisive heart...Almost a spiritual heart attack...I had impure thoughts, isolated because of a self-centered sin addiction of masturbation, sexual fantasies, resentment and denial of anger issues... gossip, lies you name it, I did it all. Not to mention a breaking up of a marriage where I had met an equal...

And I covered it all up under a religious act. To the outside I was a nice guy. But I finally broke down. In Inner Healing Class I really found Help, forgiveness and Joy of a clean heart.

I joined at step six of a twelve step program. The 3 week I broke down and ask for prayer and ask the Lord Jesus to take his proper place at the throne of my heart. From there I started Journaling and went through Romans and I reflected on my live and started dealt with all my sin issues. I took six hours a day to where I asked the Lord to show me where I needed repentance and forgive. The beauty was I started to forgive everybody in my heart. For most of it I asked for forgiveness for myself.

The Lord is the surgeon who deals with issues when we are willing to let go. He also showed me where I had to cut soul-ties with unhealthy relationships, breaking down altars of imaginary objects of lust, cutting soul- ties with addictive sin habits, in particular masturbation. He really set me free. And I'm not perfect because I never can do anything without Jesus Christ. It is the connection to Him that creates a clean and joyful heart. The Bible speaks about a spiritual marriage.

Life has meaning now and my heart is overflowing with Joy. I'm not the isolated self-centered person anymore. God knows all the secrets of my heard. It is hurtful when His Light reveals my secrets, but after I let Him cut them out, I feel so free and clean. - HW

What does it practically mean for you to be pure in heart?

Pure in Heart

Actually, the more I seek purity, the farther I seem to be from reaching that goal. Yesterday, it was fame. Another day, another issue. Sins seem to come out of hiding places that I never knew existed. I cannot profess purity. I am too aware of my stains. Yes, they are blood cleansed, but I am more convinced of many more hiding places lurking about for other hidden sins.

Onward I go, though. I want to see the Lord. I am terribly embarrassed at all these revelations, and I suppose my only consolation is that my sins are nothing new to Him but only to me! I am quicker to apologize because I am more convinced of my susceptibility to the wicked work of my sinful heart. I tread on in this war against my flesh. I feel more free, alert, joyful than anytime in my life. I want to see the Lord in His great and splendid majestic glory.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8).

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