A Study Sheet for Truth

This sheet is designed to serve as a study sheet for the Godly Man series on Truth not Deception. We have eliminated graphics for easy printing or copying onto your own word processor. We are hoping with the questions in mind, more will be gained from the study. You might try making a short prayer as a response to each page. If you have any questions or discussions, please send them to me at ideas@foundationsforfreedom.net --- Paul

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Truth not Lies All about the truth ...... Table of Contents

How is truth defined?

The Necessity of Truth Christ's mission statement includes truth ... Psalm 45:4

What is the Messiah's three fold goal on earth?

The Truth of God The Source of Truth ... John 14:6

What is does Jesus mean by saying that He is the truth?

How is Satan's method of deceit like a virus?

The Power of Truth The Effect of Truth on a Person - Ephesians

Trace the impact of God's truth on the Ephesian Christians.

Why are some non-Christians' lives or marriages better off than Christians?

Walking in Integrity The Neccessity of Truth in Personal Relationships

How our our personal relationships affected by truth and deception?

How are marriages often started off wrong?

God's Word and Truth Is God's Word truth? ... Psalm 119

How does the word 'truth' teach us that the word of God is infallible?

A Biblical History of Truth An OT and NT Word study of Truth

What two meanings are jointed together in the one word 'amen?'

Why is this important to our understanding of our faith?

Testimonies Testimonies

What challenged you from the testimonies?

What are you prompted to change from these thoughts?

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