Truth that Transforms

A. Have we really drifted from the truth?

3. What is the difference between bondage and freedom of will?

The bondage of the will

World says: Inhibition of expression

Lord says: Sinning against God

Luther popularized this term, 'the bondage of the will.' Man is not free. He is constrained by his corrupted conscience, knowledge, heart and mind. In this condition his will can in no way be considered free but is best seen as chained up. This heart condition will affect his behavior and reveal this through sinful actions.

The freedom of the will

World says: Expression of self

Lord says: Obeying God

'Freedom of will' does not mean one has to choose one or the other way. Because of Adam's sin, all people inherit a sin nature. They do not have a free will. His depraved heart, conscience and mind make it impossible to have a free will. This is the argument between Arminius and Calvin several hundred years ago. The real evidence is set against us because of man's propensity to sin (John 8:31).

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