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Seeking God's Will

Paul J. Bucknell

Seeking God's Will

Seeking God's Will explains two ways to live out your Christian life, one with much defeat and the other with delight and success. It is simple and yet profound and can change your life!

Seeking God's will or your own?
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Seeking Our Own Will

Although this looks ideal and keeps a person within God’s will,
it produces three problems:
(1) Causes us to despise the commands that hold back our freedom,
(2) We become legalistic, observing the form and not the heart, and
(3) Regularly battle between God’s law and my preferences.

Seeking God's Will

As God’s servant our heart is set on seeking God’s best rather than our personal freedoms or rights. This enables us to:
(1) Sincerely seek God’s will rather than our own,
(2) Stay far from the temptation along the borders, and
(3) Give our whole hearts to the Lord.

Questions to Ponder

1. Which way are you living out your life?

2. Do you find you are often battling at the border between God's commands and your own preferred will?

3. State a few areas of your life that you might think God holds you back from having a better life by His commands.

4. What might hold you back from fully trusting the Lord and seeking Him wholeheartedly? Confess these things and start anew living to do all of God's will by seeking Him.

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