Pray BFF#33             October 21, 2002

Dear Prayer Team,

I want to be here!

At times we have mentioned those who by 'accident' or are 'lured' to the BFF site. They had no intention of going there, but they ended up looking at something that struck their interest.

This, however, describes a minority of our readers. The majority of those using BFF materials are looking for help with some particular problem in their lives. Please pray for these people that the Holy Spirit will take that encounter with His truth and bring real positive change in their lives.

This is similar to what my oldest daughter was talking about the other day. She chose to attend one small Bible study focusing on virtuous women. All her other classes and group devotional times are mandatory. She says it is so refreshing to be with others who choose to study God's Word together. This aptly describes many of our readers. They are there because they are searching for the Lord.

Our sincere prayer is that God will be raising up hundreds of thousands of people around the world that, through their holy and pure lives, give true praise to God. We trust the Lord will use your prayers along with BFF materials to accomplish this task in their hearts.

Fire spreads!

As I was praying with another brother one morning, the thought came to us that because other people are praying for us, we are doing better than we otherwise would be . What if we offer ourselves to the Lord to pray for three others so that the flame of revival might spread to their hearts more than our own? In this way, God's Spirit would be released around the world in a mighty wave of prayer by His people.

Thanks for your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

O LORD, be gracious to us; we have waited for Thee. Be Thou their strength every morning, Our salvation also in the time of distress. (Isaiah 33:2).

More than 200 people a day are logging on to BFF. Thank the Lord for His work in them.

Praise God that the series on Isaiah has been completed.

We are thankful for a slightly revived spirit in the last week. May it continue!

A brother just wrote in answer to your prayers,

"Dear brother just a short note to say THANKS for you freely giving to the body of Christ what has been so freely given to you!... Blessings to you my brother in Christ!
Central Texas"

We know this is because of God's grace surrounding this ministry through your prayers. Thanks to you too!

The Seven Laws of the Learner series is really effectively being used in the students lives.

We are so thankful for Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation's administrative help. This saves Paul so much time and focus.

Pray for clarity and dependence upon the Lord to know what to write each day.

Pray for protection and 'shielding' for Pastor Stephen in India. He lives with his parents and has one child. They reach out to unreached areas.

Three sessions are left on "The Seven Laws of the Learner." Pray that God will make us 'master teachers.'

May God really touch the hearts of those who are reading BFF materials.

We have started working on a parenting series and one on revival _2 Chr 7 (much shorter).

Michael (M&M) is struggling a lot about the changes that will need to occur if he becomes a Christian.

Paul is starting to ready teaching materials for the winter Genesis class. Ask God's blessing as he co-teaches with Philip and Daniel early next year.

November 1 Paul will lead a student workshop on stress. May God give them faith to turn that stress into joy and trust.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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