Pray BFF #64                                   September 9, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

On to India!
Sample of Brochure

– Part of brochure above –

We are glad to report that we will be going to India. The visa application has been sent, and tickets will soon be purchased. Over the past two weeks, almost $2000 came in for this project. This isn't enough by itself, but a couple of churches and individuals have indicated an interest in giving to this project in the near future. This is a sufficiently clear indication that we should go. At least we can purchase tickets!

So where are we at? The original projected budget was about US $12,000. We are hovering at about $4000. If the hoped for money comes in we should have enough to host seminars in two different cities (around $6000 total). If more comes in then we could do one or two more seminars in other places and give booklets of translated materials. Pastor Stephen is excited at the positive response from the pastors. Listen to his words:

I had been rushing to visiting many Pastors and Pastors’ Fellowships surrounding the districts of Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram to give the brochures and introduce our seminar. We got good response from the Pastors and Leaders.

The translation material Telugu typing is going on fast. Have you confirmed your Air Ticket? Can I arrange small meetings with low scale in Kakinada and Parvathipuram ?

Pray… Pray… Pray
Prayer is only our weapon.

Please pray for Philip, Pastor Stephen and Paul. We are very busy. On our side are shots, visas, travel arrangements and many micro-decisions. Pastor Stephen asks prayer for his health. We of course need time to focus on the 18 talks! Thanks for your prayers.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

We are thankful for giving grace to Paul as he preached twice in recent weeks. Many said they were helped.

We praise God for raising all of Elizabeth's financial support! She leaves on Sept. 29. If you would like to pray for her, please write to her at

We are thankful Paul's Dad and Mom have not been hurt in the hurricanes in Florida. Paul's Dad says that he has about 1 year's worth of work to do but thankfully nothing major.

We had a good vacation visiting relatives.

We are so thankful to God for you who have prayed and given to support this ministry.

If you would like to give to this Indian trip and get a tax deductible receipt, click here. Remember to write in memo : BFF India.

Please bring Pastor Stephen to God in prayer. He has worked so hard preparing things all in faith. Ask for health for him.

Paul and Linda are speaking at an evangelistic parenting group (again in Chinese) this Saturday evening (9/11).

India trip: no snags with the visa application, good flights, financial provision (soon and more!), message preparations for Paul and Philip.

Pray for Linda. She needs to coordinate more than twenty courses for cyberschool homeschooling 4 children. She is overwhelmed at times. But she persists and is doing a remarkable job. Keep praying especially when Paul is away.

Regarding special requests for Paul. One seems to have been solved. Now we are wondering whether to get involved in developing teen material for a youth work in Chad.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Write to Paul with your comments:

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