Pray BFF #77                                  August 12, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

Drawing Close in Difficult Times

Isn't it interesting that when deadlines draw near, we often draw closer to the Lord. It is this way for the short term mission to India. Tickets are about to be purchased, time is focused on preparation for the many messages, many prayers are lifted up to the Lord that He might minister to our hearts and overcome all anxiety with His special peace.

Actually, we figured things would end up this way. The 'Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God' materials are being translated into Telegu and given to the pastors. Since we plan to speak on this subject, we also should expect to have trying times that produce fresh experiences of God's awesome way of bringing peace when circumstances only seem to dictate impossibility. On Paul's part, he has seen how God wonderfully provided for a recent trip and his Mom's spectacular recovery from stroke-like symptoms.

But we need to trust the Lord. Keng (who is accompanying Paul ) got his passport and now waits for his visa. He has a time crunch for message preparation too. We also have at least one other major ongoing test: that is the finances for the trip to India. We are thankful that more people have given, but we have so far to go (about $7,000) in such a short time. Actually another $600 gift came in today leaving us for about $6,400.

Please pray for both of us: our ability to trust God for the finances, trip details, visa so that we will have peace of heart to rightly prepare for those we will be ministering to in India.

India has over a billion people with 750 million of them between 15 and 34.

(If you didn't download the special India 2005 report from the last letter, here it is again. We need your prayers!)

If you want to invest in this India project and would like a tax deductible receipts, please make your check out to PLF (as below). In the memo write BFF STM (India). A tax deductible receipt will be mailed at the end of the year. Otherwise just use the address at the end of the email.

Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation (PLF)
100 Ross Street, 4th Fl.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2013

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God for an additional $2,000 for India!

Thank the Lord that Keng's passport came.

Paul is thankful his Mom could recover and that he could see her on a recent trip.

Alberto desires to translate the Marriage seminar and Parenting materials into Spanish. Please pray for him that this project will get a good start and an excellent finish.

Praise God for His wonderful timing that creates the best training from our needy circumstances.

Thank the Lord for Jesus and God's wonderful lovingkindness expressed to us.

Paul was able to make significant progress on the messages for the India trip during a recent family vacation.

We found a helpful travel agent in Singapore.

Download India 2005

Saturday - August 13th - we have our first ADT training for those in leadership at our own church. Pray that Pastor Hugo and Paul have aboundant grace for this all day training event.

Keng now is waiting for his visa for India. Time is tight.

Please pray for financial support for the 4 India pastor seminars to come in sooner rather than later this year. We plan to leave September 4th.

Keep praying for Pastor Stephen and his wife during this very busy time as he coordinates things there in India. He has many decisions to make.

There are three more Sunday 'Cross Training' classes.  

Paul and Keng need God's supernatural grace to rightly prepare their hearts, minds and messages for the training seminars in India.

Pray for 2 or 3 other churches to join in this vision of training pastors and support this team to India.

Ask the Lord to prepare the heart of each pastor, church planter, and evangelist that comes so that God's Word will rightly impact each of their hearts.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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