Pray BFF #81                                  October 4th, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

How privileged Keng and I were to step into the life of the growing Indian church. We wish more pastors could speak English so that we could hear about their ministries. But even so, it is still amazing to hear the reports of what God has done through their lives. It seems that China and India will be two great nations that God will mightily use in these last days. Training is such a key part to the effectiveness of these pastors. They have received so little training and yet they are there pastoring. Keep praying for India as God leads you. Lord willing there will be another training trip.

What about the website?

To be honest, I could not think much about the website ministry when immersed in the training seminars in India. I was so focused and exhausted. So I wondered how things were when away. We are thankful for the month of September we still had 32,344 visits to the BFF website. Some use it personally while others use it to assist them in training others. Here are some recent notes.

I purchased Library (bff 2.1) some time ago. I stated that I wanted to use it for the bible studies in the prisons. However, I have used them for my personal and i tell you the Lord has blessed me so much. If you have any thing new thats not on the Library that i own can you please email me so I can purchase.  Again to God be the glory for he has done great things in me thru this study.  Thanks and i will continue to keep you in my prayers. 

We used some your marriage notes this weekend for our marriage retreat, it was a great success!

But do continue to pray. This is spiritual warfare. Truth demolishes lies. Light eliminates darkness. Wherever God's Word goes forth, it is in conflict. May God's Word win out!

Some have asked

A few individuals have asked about the possible documentary for British television. We just got a note yesterday morning letting us know that the full version will be decided on very soon. May God give us opportunity to spread His perspective of parenting that more love and grace would go out to desperate families across the globe. It saddens us to think how tension rather than joy is what best describes most families. Please pray that God would bring about what is best.

Life Captions

Elizabeth, our oldest daughter, started her own business that operates from a website. She sells handcrafted cards and gifts at I'm sure she would welcome your visit and links!

Life in Captions

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Humbled at being used by God over these past weeks in India and Singapore.

Learned lots about training. Still trying to collect thoughts about direction in future.

God gave stamina to keep speaking day after day. 

We are so thankful for those who sacrificially gave to make this trip possible.

Keng and Paul are back to normal! We saw the miracles of healing even in our own lives during this time.

It is wonderful to be back at home. Praise God for a wonderful wife and family.

Remember 4 familes of Pastor Stephen's church whose homes were destroyed by the hurricane.

Pray for continued blessing upon the many pastors that attended the seminars.

Paul is speaking Sunday.

Grace and wisdom as he reveiws, improves and puts this second training seminar on the web.

God's guidance on whether He wants this documentary of a family living by the scriptures.

God's financial provision for ministry and personal needs.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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