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June 21, 2007

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India and Malawi!
India and Malawi

Dear Prayer Team,

Projected Costs

Estimated: $12,500
Received: $ 3,220
Target: $ 9,000

It is extremely difficult to work out a budget for places that I am unfamiliar with. Our India conferences will be about $2,500 each. This has increased because up until now, Pastor Stephen's church members would take 5 hour harrowing bus trips in extreme heat to cook and clean up. I have been more moved at this touch of devotion than anything. The problem is that I will be speaking in another state and they do not understand the language! So it is very difficult for them to shop and work with others!

Without considering plane costs, this still is only US$12. for each guest pastors, evangelists and church planters that attends the 3-day conference, including room, board and a BFF book translated into their language. We expect around 200 for each seminar.

Malawi will be much more difficult to judge. Only the Lord knows what is really needed. The people are extremely poor. This is the reason we help provide for their travel and food. I estimate about $5,000.
With travel only for myself, the total should be about US$12,500. One or two others might come for part of the trip. We now have $3,220. Please pray for the other $9,000 to come in. Please consider using your resources to build up these pastors. Any excess contributions will be used for similar trips in the future.

Training Pastors!

It is a wonderful blessing to be able to serve the Lord of the nations and His servants. By the Lord's grace I will be equipping His servants to have a more effective life and ministry.

This year I will be further challenged as I visit India and Malawi. I will need your prayers more than ever. We will hold two Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) seminars in India and three ADT seminars/workshop in Malawi. Malawi is one of the poorest country in the world. How did I get into this challenging situation? I thought that instead of making two trips, I could combine them into one and save money and time. We will see!

Someone might ask, "Are you sure you should go to Malawi too?" The Lord seemed to confirm that when two different individuals with two different groups requested me to speak to their people. Bishop Beston is responsible for over two hundred churches. I will have a two-day and a three-day seminar with him. Brother Rodrick from Scripture Union desires very much that I would train them to use the discipleship training materials I sent out to them. We will have one seminar with his group. This last situation is quite different in that they are young people being trained to go out as tent-making missionaries. I did not know anyone in Malawi before this contact (I didn't even know where it was), and now two groups are asking me to go.


Preparations are under way for a new ADT seminar to be used in India, "The Secret to a Powerful Ministry." The focus is on helping ministers of God to see that godly marriages and families are foundational to a deepening relationship with God and to an effective ministry.

I am constantly challenged as I speak to pastors with little or no finances and education. 80-90% of the pastors, church planters and evangelists that I speak to in India, have only a 3-4th grade education. They can read the Bible but have had little or no training. Each conference will develop three areas of their lives: their hearts, skills and knowledge of God's Word. Each pastor will get a BFF publication in their own language. We are not sure what can be done for those in Malawi.

We have some special pre-trip requests.

Needing your prayers

I have 8 messages to write for this one new ADT seminar. I need God's wisdom and protection of time.

Brother Rodrick in Malawi has had a last minute scheduling conflict. He is trying to work through a solution.

Clarification of actual dates.

Purchase and arrangement of trip details.

Two brothers are seriously considering going with me on part of this trip. May God help them with schedules, etc. so that they can go.

 Remaining provision for US$9,000.

Preparation of heart for these five seminars.


Malawi is a long narrow country next to Mozambique and is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

In contrast to India, the country has a lot of professing Christians (upwards to 90%), but the church is said to be backslidden. Pray for revival.


Your prayers and financial giving made a great difference last year. Will you join our short term team again this year?

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