Pray BFF #121

January 25, 2008

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Dear Prayer Team,

Pass It On!

My burden

The Lord has given me a burden for God's truth to more deeply impact His people around the world. Visiting God's people overseas has given me a better picture of their needs for training and materials.
The answer is not for me to go here, there and everywhere but for God to raise up teams of faithful coworkers in each needy spot. We need team members that are devoted to God and are gifted to teach and train. Do continue to pray with us for this challenge. I personally know some of these people like Bishop Makawa from last fall's seminar in Malawi. Others I do not.

God's working

What stimulates me to write this prayer letter early Saturday morning? I just received another email telling how a Christian leader overseas is using BFF materials to advance God's kingdom. Is this a partial answer to our prayers? I believe so.

As you know, we send Libraries or Libraries (1 Library is far too small!) around the world to needy Christian leaders without cost. Let me share with you parts of two emails. Pray for God, using BFF materials, to better equipped workers around the world so that they in turn, can better serve God's people.

Malawi - Bishop Makawa

I would like to inform you that tomorrow on 26th January 2008 we will be holding a Family Seminar in Blantyre. I will be using the material that you gave me. The materials are very powerful.

Kenya - John

I am very grateful for the BFF Library that you sent to me. I opened the Library to view the contents and was impressed to see how much helpful information it has. I am truly grateful that you sent the Library to me at no cost. But as you have clearly stated that the reason you availed these resource to me is for the building of the Kingdom of God, I trust God that by His grace I will be a good steward. 

In December 6th- 7th we held a discipleship seminar in our Church in Northern Kenya. We had 33 People in attendance, of whom most of them were leaders in different departments. The theme of the Seminar was Making Disciples (Matt. 28:16-20) and truly we were all challenged to take the task of making disciples seriously.

Currently I am developing a discipleship programme (Just at its inception) called Walking With Jesus Discipleship Programme (WWJDP). This is based in the word of God in John 1:35-42. The Holy Spirit helped me in April 2007, during the discipleship seminar in Coastal Kenya,  to see the three level of discipleship making, and I believe God will help me to develop and apply this programme for His glory.
Therefore, I consider your gift as a great resource to me due to a wide range of teaching materials- Family (marriage and parenting), discipleship, leadership, etc.

We need to pray for these and many other workers around the world that are using BFF materials. I am glad that they are adapting BFF materials their situation. It becomes their own. We need to pray that God would work in the life and ministry of people like these.

The Next Step Follow-up Team

When the numbers were more accurately tallied, the NextStep Team had interviewed 208 NextSteppers. (those moved by the Lord to seek to serve Him full-time) Another 58, who at the last minute dedicated themselves, had signed up as they were leaving the conference. Our challenge now is to pray into being a NextStep follow-up team. Our goal is to raise up a team that can effectively communicate with the NextSteppers and potential mentors (usually pastors, leaders from their churches) and supply the training material necessary. We have written a lot of the material being used to inspire and guide the NextSteppers as well as for those who would mentor them.

We praise God for one man, Jack, who accepted the leadership of the Next Step Follow-up Team. Because of his work schedule, he can invest one day every two weeks to this task. It is not a small task. He needs to rally up a whole team. Pray for him and an effective team so that these NextSteppers will move out into service of the Lord as effective and faithful servants.

Thanks to God

Praise God for a willing and gifted man to lead the Next Step Follow-up team.

Thank the Lord for grace to almost finish preparing the Next Step follow-up materials.

Bishop Makawa's wife and grandson are better but still need a checkup.

BFF is now offering tax-deductible receipts for contributions.

Paul has worked through the many tax documents and is almost finished preparing them.

Praise God for 25 Nextsteppers that attended our own Next Step training meeting at our church.

Requests to God

Pray for Bishop Makawa's family seminar and all the other leaders who are using BFF’s materials.

Wed evening Jan 30th is BFF's board meeting.

Ask the Lord to bless Jack and his efforts as he raises up a Next Step Follow-up team.

Wisdom to discern the big picture that God has for BFF.

Finish working on BFF's paper work.

Preparation for teaching in May on the Godly Man in Nigeria .

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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