Pray BFF #125

April 19, 2008

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Dear Prayer Team,

Joys of Life and Ministry

Often I share with you difficult aspects of the ministry. I do this to elicit your prayers. We very much need your prayers! Today, I would like to introduce matters a bit different. I will share with you two joys. But you must remember that we still need your prayers!

The Joy of Marriage

Linda and I are fast approaching our 30th anniversary. This coming week the two of us are going to run off to Williamsburg, Virginia. We hardly can believe life has sped by so quickly.

If God had not extended His grace us to give us a great marriage, I certainly would have very little to write about on this website. God has changed so many aspects of our lives that our marriage is really joyous and pleasant. When I hear of marital troubles, I think again and again, “If they only knew God’s truth about marriage, things could be so much better.” People do not realize how great things could be if only they lived God’s way.

We would appreciate your prayers as we celebrate this milestone together. Even if things are good, we always need to be on our guard. A pastor from the Philippines wrote today, “I have just read your website about the topic; Love. And I was so blessed.” Principles & Practices of Biblical ParentingMay His love flow in and through our lives so that His glory would be more manifest here on earth!

The Joy of Ministry

My friend and I were sharing this morning at breakfast about Henry Blackaby. He asked, “Have you read ‘Experiencing God?’ I explained I sure did. I then proceeded to tell him that is how I got into all of this ‘trouble.’ I was referring to this ministry of Biblical Foundations for Freedom. I said trouble because it jolted our lives into the insecure and unknown. I did go on, however, and say to my friend, that God has indeed multiplied what I gave up, just as He promised. This ministry has been a great blessing. It has been a joy.

I love writing. I love speaking. I love the computer. I love working with those from different cultures. I love basking in the Lord’s presence and thinking about His great plans. God put them all together in a wonderful ministry.

I love looking back on how He has over and over again miraculously provided for us. The stories are just too many to tell. On a recent trip my wife and I went through our lives and joyfully shared about this and that special work of God. If I forgot some significant event or details, she would fill in and vice-a-versa. My heart was just praising the Lord.

Although we will face various difficulties, I get to walk on the front lines of God’s kingdom and minister to the great men of faith on the front lines. God has taught me an incredible amount of things. I get to pass many of these things on. I got to finally publish Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting (see picture). Each day we see people being blessed by the ministry. We indeed want the BFF website to be a source of free training materials that can help many across the globe.

Thanks to God

The parenting classes have been great.

Praise God for blessing the 3/15 training sessions.

Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting” is now on the web for sale!

Over 50% of the support needed for Nigeria is in!
Many preparations are done for Nigeria.

God’s grace to speak when I was sick.

Two more government matters cared for. Only one remains.

Requests to God

Lak, a young new Christian in India at Pastor Stephen’s church, will have a heart operation in May.

Pray for S&H as they teach the parenting class for us when we are away on our anniversary trip this week.
Pray that God would take care of the home.

Blessing on an upcoming Next Step retreat in May (from Chinese Mission Conference).

Still need $1,300 for the Nigerian trip.

Pray for God to inspire these Nigerian Christian leaders to make a commitment to godly living.

Complete healing for our family. It has been a hard 3-4 weeks. Usually 2 family members not well. Still not completely clear. Kathryn is the last.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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