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Pray BFF Letter #154

Monday, July 20, 2009

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Pastor and Leader Training
Seminars in India

attentionDear Support Team,

India & the Bengali people

This year Paul will follow up on the work that began last year in north India among the Bengali people. Recently Hindu radicals persisted in oppressing the church in Orissa where Paul formerly taught. They stole goods from Pastor Stephen and chased him out, making it inappropriate to visit at this time.

South Seminar#1

Many would not recognize the name Kolkata. Pronounce it. You might observe that it is the same place as Calcutta in southern Bengal.

Last year when ministering to the Bengali leaders, a few came up from this region. ´┐╝So this year we will hold a special seminar for them west of Kolkata in Medinipur. India map

You can see the two seminar places on the map. This will be Paul's first time traveling around Kolkata.

North Seminar #2

Last year we held a leadership discipleship training seminar in Siliguri. Since that time they have been asking for me to explain more on how to disciple others. This year I will return and further equip these pastors and leaders of the young Bengali church.

Paul is burdened for the Bengali people for several reasons. First of all, they are the largest unreached people group in the world. The 230 million Bengalis have been hidden from the light of the Gospel for many years. The majority are in nearby Bangladesh but 70 million live in India! Pastor Jagannath came as a refugee from Bangladesh.

In this northern group of leaders near Nepal and Bhutan, Paul will be able to build on what he taught last year. Many pastors are relatively new believers, poor, oversee one or more house churches, and have little former training.

Will you consider joining us in this ministry?

Join us!

Needing your prayersclass

Projected costs

Since each 4-day seminar is projected to have a smaller number of attendees (about 100), our expenses are projected to be around $5,000. This includes an overnight train from the south to the north! We praise the Lord for supplying just the amount we needed for our recent training in Africa! In a year when budgets are being tightened, we appreciate your faithfulness in God's kingdom work. Information for giving is provided below.

join us

Our vision

kidsWe want to see the Spirit of God mightily work among these pastors bringing both personal healing and ministry but also the equipping so that they can and will mobilize their own congregations.

We are seeking your participation in this seminar again this year. Will you join our team?

In Christ's Majestic Love,

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell



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