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Fri Apr 17, 2015
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Taiwan-Myanmar Field Reports


Date: May 3rd 2015

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings from Taiwan!

We have just completed our family seminar in Taichung, Taiwan. What a challenge to always converse and speak in Chinese! But God seemed to really bless those who came. We lived very close so we could walk to the church and enjoy the many sights and smells along the way - enjoying so many old memories from 30+ years ago. Adjustments are good so far, though today, we are heading for Myanmar (Burma).

It is 4:33 am and getting ready to go to the airport. Each day will be over 100 degrees, though, at night, our hotel accommodations will have air conditioning. Tomorrow, Tuesday morning, we start the demanding schedule. Paul will speak ten times to these pastors and wives, and Linda, at least one time with the wives, as it works out.

What a blessing to see God answer your prayers in everything we do. Last night, we had a great opportunity to meet up with a brother, with his two children, who has since moved from America to here.

Thanks for your prayers!

Paul and Linda in Taiwan


Date: May 6th 2015

Dear Prayer Partners,

God has been so gracious over these last days. What an amazing week!
We really appreciate good health. When I got here to Myanmar (Burma), my coordinator reminded me of my severe stomach bug last time that devastated me.

But so far, no problem for either of us. This makes our time so enjoyable.
The Chinese seminar went great. It was intense, not because of the subject area–we have taught that before, but doing it in Chinese (yes, we did this before, but!). This seminar on marriage is easier, but it has its own challenges: heat and translation. I have been spoiled by some places, such as in Peru, where I could use Spanish slides and communicate through illustration. I have not been able to do that here.

However, though the temperature has been over 100 each day, we are in a nice bamboo-made meeting hall with fans, making it quite tolerable. The people and food has been fabulous. The pastors and their wives have both come out, making the marriage seminar that much more effective. Good questions being raised. Praise God that the “Building a Great Marriage” Burmese book has been completed and will be distributed today in the closing time.

Today, is our last full day in Myanmar, so do pray for us as sessions will begin in a few hours. We will eat at 6:30 am, be driven about 35 minutes to the meeting spot, wait about 15 minutes and then begin at 9:00 am. (Our taxi driver has been sitting in the sessions and find the very helpful!) Today, I will give two talks while Linda also will do one with the sisters. She has not worked much with a translator so pray for extra grace.

What a wonder that God gives us all we need for a wonderful marriage. It has been so special to be with Linda on this trip.

Continue to pray for Sunday as I will speak twice at the church we helped start in our living room in Fangshan, Taiwan – now in a nice church building.

In Christ's Love,

Paul and Linda


Date: May 11th 2015

Dear Prayer Partners,

“O my strength, I will sing praises to You!” (Psalms 59:17 NASB).

Twenty four sessions completed, including Linda’s talk with the pastor’s wives in Myanmar! They told us repeatedly that they have never had teaching on marriage before and desperately needed those messages. The deep need was obvious from the many questions that they asked. They also never had an opportunity to split up into brother/sister groups and talk about heart issues. They very much appreciated our time there and many were already making improvements to their marriages.

Our trip back to Taiwan was highlighted by meeting up with a pastor that we worked with in Taiwan 30 years ago. It was good that we could unexpectedly meet up at the Myanmar airport because he would not otherwise have had time to meet up in the short time we would spend in Kaohsiung. As our luggage was retrieved in Taiwan, Paul was able to hand to him some BFF books that had been translated into Chinese.

The trip to Kaohsiung was a great blessing for us – all 36 hours of it! Of most importance was seeing the new pastor and his wife care for the church we helped start many years ago. The church had gone through some hard years but is now filling their small space for worship twice each Sunday. Praise God!

Time, again, has skipped by, with what seems constant relocating. This is all part of globalization. Our former quite isolated church planting site has now been incorporated into Kaohsiung city.

What a great joy to see the reception of God’s Word, meet new people, and get to see friends from many years past.

We are pausing for two days in the far south of Taiwan resting before returning home on one of those stretched days – we leave on Thursday and get home on Thursday. We started with the words, “O my strength.” God has been our strength. Linda has repeatedly stated that God has given her extraordinary strength for the walking, heat, traveling and language pressures. We know this extra grace for endurance comes from God through your prayers. We thank you for participating, whether financially, in prayer or both, in this key ministry. The needs for bringing the powerful truths of God’s Word to the lives of His people stand as a ongoing calling.

Love in Christ,

Paul and Linda Bucknell


Two seminars: Taichung and Yangon



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