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Pray BFF Letter #262

July 2015
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India July Field Reports

Dear Prayer Partners,

Two filed reports sent from India:

July 5, 2015

July 5th Sunday

Dear Prayer Partners,

This week has been busy preparing for the trip to India. Among other things, I noticed at the last minute, thanks to God's grace, that my car inspection just expired. But with only 1.5 days left for shop to be open, we were able to get the van checked. Your answered prayers take shape in many forms!

Another big answer to prayer is for the book, The Life Core, to be translated into Hindi. They will print a copy for the attendees. Do keep praying, though, as I look to expand the number of translated books. It is the biggest I get from the international teams I work with. And praise the Lord for again providing for the finances for this trip.

I preached this morning, returned home for a bit and now waiting for my first flight direct to Paris. I will arrive late tomorrow night in Delhi and take another plane and long car ride to get to my final destination. Besides general prayers for my family, I do ask for God's strength and health to keep up with the intensive schedule.

Bye for now. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Pittsburgh airport

In Christ's Great Service!

July 11, 2015

July 11, 2015

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you so much for your prayers. I have sensed God answering these prayers all through each day and in very specific situations.

The travel here went fine. I really appreciated getting to my hotel room in India by midnight to help reorient my sleep pattern (rather than arriving at airport at 1-2 am!). I have never adjusted so well as on this trip. Last night, I already slept through the full night while usually it takes me two weeks time. I feel so refreshed on this trip. It helps that I am about 5000 feet up and is pleasantly cool rather than the difficult heat in the big cities below.

I have requested that you pray for stamina. I have really felt all the strength I need, even when speaking up to 6 times a day. Someone came up and asked, “How do you speak with such energy for so many lessons?” I clearly told them you all were praying for me and it is God’s extra strength. I cannot do it on my own. It is not only what I feel, but others are see God’s answers to your prayers. My next heavy days are Monday to Wednesday. Continue to pray. Meanwhile, I get this weekend off! I get time to refresh myself and get some writing done.

The messages are being well received. Also important, though, has been a key contact to help me not only with translation but rework the BFF website. More later. I have been able to give each student a copy of our book, The Life Core, in his/her preferred language.

It is always refreshing to come to India. My soul is further energized by the love and zeal of our brothers and sisters here.

One further request. I am beginning my long journey home on Thursday. The monsoon rains are beginning and mountain roads are often washed out. Hopefully, I can safely travel down and get my local flight so I can get my international flight very early the next day.

Prayer vision: As the monsoon rains have started to melt the snow in the high mountains above, so may God use these next days to take away our hardness and allow the streams of God’s grace to fill and touch our hearts.

In Christ's Majestic Service,

Paul J. Bucknell
Biblical Foundations for Freedom


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