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Pray BFF Letter #285

December 22, 2016

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“Jesus…He will be great”

(Luke 1:30-31)

Merry Christmas!

Culbertson Hall at Moody Bible Institute in ChicagoOn my way to pick up my daughter outside Chicago, I stopped in at my old school. A full 39 years has passed by without a visit. Moody Bible Institute is remarkable. It is one of the few schools that purposely remains situated in a big city. The big city now edges right up to the expanding Moody property. My old 20 story dorm still stands, a bit dull compared to the other glossy skyscrapers, but a testimony of the thousands who have slept in its beds.

Looking back in time makes a person do a bit of evaluation of one’s life. What did God make me for? Have I served Him faithfully? In the end, it is not what people think of us, but what the Lord our Judge says.

In my joy of the past training I received, I offered (and the school gladly accepted) a set of BFF published books, some in various languages. BFF printed books Dec 2016I also gave the school free access to our 7 English digital libraries and 10+ foreign ones for current students to utilize.

Training really has all to do with people, not buildings. I have taught in very primitive places where I could peer out through the walls and where chickens insisted on walking in, but the eager heart, the receptive mind, this is the good soil for training which we seek and that which God’s Word wonderfully empowers.

We can’t often take great leaps and bounds, at least not most of us, but step by step, daily we can carry out His will. At the end of 2016, we prepare to move forward into a new year with all of its opportunities, challenges, and promises. And certainly, we give you thanks for your financial and prayer support. God has been our great provider through all the years, but He works through you and your offerings. You make a difference by your willingness to work with us.


  • Thankful for protection from the snow squalls and the 50 car pile up that was behind us when driving to Chicago.

  • Thankful that the Lord placed a gift of practical resources at MBI.

  • God has helped our family, one by one, through the distasteful 24-hour stomach bug.

  • Thankful for your faithful support!

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  • Teaching the series Fostering Spiritual Growth in the Church for our adult Sunday Training begins January 1. Pray for a good start as I lead the teaching team. I teach the first two lessons.

  • Our church is growing despite some members moving away for new jobs. Pray for our OIF congregation as it begins using the main sanctuary for its worship service on January 1.

  • God’s grace is greatly sought for during my upcoming preaching and teaching right into the new year.

  • I am trying to finalize plans for Short Term Missions (STM) in Africa this spring.

  • Allison and Kathryn are looking for jobs.

  • Always need wisdom for counseling and mentoring situations that arise.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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