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Pray BFF Letter #293

May 24, 2017

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The Opportunities at Hand

Dear Prayer Partners,

These past few months have provided me with many delightful opportunities to preach and teach. Pastoral responsibilities will naturally decrease in light of the summer break for many college students and the new Pastor starting July 1.

And yet, I’ll be preaching or teaching regularly until July 2nd. Kingdom Living, the new preaching series from the Beatitudes, has challenged me afresh with the relevance of God’s Word to the world and to my own soul.

I was caught off guard when searching the web for a definition for ‘high self-esteem’ to discover that the world of psychology has now debunked what our modern educational system has been based upon for the last 30 years (search high self-esteem). Whenemever one departs from the truth, not just a soul but a generation is ruined. Jesus’ teaching, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” remains true while the world’s teachings go in and out like the tide.

From the beginning, one of BFF’s main focus has been what I call “social apologetics”. There are many ways to defend or prove God’s existence and the value of His Word, but social apologetics uses the very scenes around us to prove God’s Word is true. When we depart from God’s Word, societies begin to suffer with increasingly painful results. Statistics prove the ruins of the sexual revolution. Countries, for example, are literally dying from lack of population growth.

We saw that with the self-esteem movement that went berserk and hurt our educational system (minimized learning not to hurt others, e.g., SAT scores), families (gave parents the job of making their kids feel like they were great even if they were brats), and damaged a generation or more (so we now have arrogant, never-grown-up adults that think they deserve everything even if they don’t work for it). BFF provides a constant flow of new Christian resources that can be relied on because they are derived from God’s Word.

We very much appreciate your prayers as we herald the truth of God .


  • Just in! The credit card company reimbursed over $600 from the airlines that did not have flights. That now makes our Short Term fund for Nigeria come out positive! God provides in many ways!!

  • Thank the Lord for many good conversations with the new incoming pastor to clarify his immediate responsibilities.

  • The new series, Kingdom Living, from the Beatitudes started off well.

  • Allison found a job and a new place to live in Raleigh, NC!

  • Praise God for helping me during a very busy week to get that 18 page (not 30 as I remembered) tax document in by the deadline. Positively, the report stimulates me to analyze the income, expenses, purpose, and God’s provided grace through the past year. Though general income was significantly down, God has greatly helped us develop new resources, including many translated books.

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  • Busy preaching and teaching responsibilities will continue until July 2nd.

  • Blessing on “Striving for Moral Purity” to be held on 2 weekends (Jun 23-24; Jun 30-Jul 1). Come join us if you are nearby!

  • It is now Elias and Christy’s turn to move, including the selling and buying of a home.

  • For financial scholarship for Isaac’s upcoming college expenses.

  • Planning for the next Short Term overseas training trip (many invitations; discernment needed).

  • Linda will be extra busy with Elizabeth’s baby shower and Isaac’s high school graduation.

  • Pray that the overnight church leaders retreat( June 16-17) would experience God’s presence. I need to speak on gaining vision.

  • I have been praying much over the possible significant advances for BFF. Please join me to know how to best use our resources to build up God’s people around the world.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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