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BFF Update June 22nd, 2006

Cell Group Leadership Training

Basic Cell Group FunctionWe want to answer three questions in this series:

1• What is the purpose of the cell group?

2• What is a properly functioning cell group look like?

3• What are the leaders special role and responsibility?

The Properly Functioning Cell Group

Cell Group Worship

What is it that makes our meeting together special from other groups?

Worship at a cell group
See Cell Group Worship

The Properly Functioning Cell Group


Cell Group's dependency strategy

The intensity of our love is based on the fact that we cannot do without each other.
Each stone is built upon the other.

See Cell Group Edification

The Properly Functioning Cell Group


All our activities, that are done in Jesus’ name through the Holy Spirit, whether toward a Christian or non–Christian, are ‘spiritual sacrifices.’

See Cell Group Ministry

The Leaders’ Special Role and Responsibility

Each group needs a proven and humble leader as well as a faithful assistant. The assistant is being trained for future service. Christian leaders are servants of God focusing God’s people on God and His will.

See Cell Group Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

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