Facing our problems as they actually are becomes the first step toward getting rid of anxious thoughts. The psalmist called the anxious thoughts 'my anxious thoughts.' He took responsibility for them. Someone else was deliberately causing him problems. Focusing on the difficult circumstances will only engender a more frustrated heart. Excuses place both responsibility and therefore the resolve to fix them beyond our reach. Before we can clearly see our situation, we must clear away the excuses that act like a smoke screen.
Look at two common excuses for not dealing with our anxieties. Are either true with you?
• "My circumstances are different."
These people reason other people can stop worrying because they do not face equally distressing circumstances.

"My background is different."
Others reason other people who have stopped worrying had it better in the past. He focuses on his troubled home and situation.
In each case, we are destined to a life of despair and depression unless we can turn our focus away from our circumstances. This is impossible on our own but is possible with God as the psalmist showed us.

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