• Anxiety is different from anxious thoughts.
• Anxious thoughts are not sin in themselves but worry
always is.
• Worrisome thoughts desire to penetrate the defenses of
our reason and enter our hearts where they are accepted
as true.
" For the Christian all anxious thoughts are untrue. We
instead live in God's love and promises.
• Anxious thoughts always create doubt instead of faith
in God's care.
Anxiety occurs only when we accept anxious thoughts
as true.
God's Word like light in darkness exposes the
falsehood of anxious thoughts.
We cannot think upon two things at once.
God's promises in the Bible bring God's person, power
and ways to shape our minds and lives.
• When our minds are on His promises and comfort, then
our minds are no longer are fed by those anxious
thoughts lurking about.
We have now made it across the bridge to the
peace of God. Review these truths occasionally
and especially fix your minds on the promises of

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