Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodAnswers to the Worksheet

Session #3

Recognizing Our Responsibilities

  • Session #1 gives us _hope_ to overcome all our worries.

  • Session #2 describes why ____humans__ __worry_.

  • We need to be honest on how our __personal__ __decisions__ are connected to our worries.

  • The choice of __peace__ is the __Gospel_ of Jesus Christ.

  • Slide #5
    • Unbelief is seen whenever we are not willing to go by the __clear_   __directions__ God has given us.

    • Excuses are the way we avoid __personal__ accountability for our own responsibilities.

    • Inattention is when we do not __prioritize__ what is important and essential.

  • Slide #6
    During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus __three__ times said, "Do not be anxious."

  • Slide #8
    True worry is never __helpful__!

  • Slide #10
    The number of our perceived __needs__ and __wants__ are directly correlated to the number of the worries in the world.

  • Slide #12
    Faith is __trust__.

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Paul J. Bucknell

NAS Bible used throughout seminar unless noted