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Finding the Peace of God

Session #7

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

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    This is depicted by the word '
    This is the process of sanctification. This is depicted by the word ‘

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    Peace is the absence of trouble, the
    presence of God.
    Each of these three states admits to some form of
    immobility - one of paralysis.
    Once accepted, fears dominate ones life to whatever degree they are
    An anxious spirit is constantly troubled by its attempts to resolve many unnecessary
    future situations causing states of perplexity, confusion and irresponsibility.
    Stress is a constant gnawing
    tension that takes away the joy of living.
    A fearful spirit is alarmed over some
    threatening situation.

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    Deception - always uses
    Every temptation is founded on a lie and always presents a life choice that departs from the commands of God
    Worry makes us very
    susceptible to temptations
    Temptation is like
    bait. There is always a secret hook underneath.

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    Part of the Lord's prayer is "keep us from
    busy? Then spend your time worrying! There is no other way!
    This is not as
    easy as it sounds.
    We need to immediately follow up discerning the temptation by
    immediately rejecting it and affirming the truth.

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    If we are going to recover from falling into temptation, we need the
    promises of God's Word.
    If we don't know them, then we
    can't get back.
    Promises are special sections of God's truth that instill hope and
    confidence in us.
    • Regularly
    meditate on God’s Word

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    Just think how your
    perspective of life would change if you had God's mind!
    As He prayed and meditated on God's Word, His Father would reveal everything
    important to Him that He needed to know for a particular situation.
    God's mind is
    revealed to us when we get His Word into our lives.

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    The key problem is to discover how one can get the Word of God into ones
    If you are not aware on how He spoke to you in the past, then it is unlikely that you will be able to
    trust His Word in the present confusion.
    I doubt anyone has ever heard someone speak on
    meditative prayer!
    What our circumstances are doesn't matter as much as our
    honest assessment of where we personally are at.

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    Our mind can only think upon
    one matter at a time.
    But when we start thinking on God's words, the
    old thoughts and false promises must be put away.
    When we open our hearts to God's
    promises, they become the focus of our mind and begin to affect our heart.
    faith comes as the Holy Spirit takes the promise and applies it to our situation.

  • Slide #10
    Peace will be
    temporary unless we have resolved the down deep root worry that we have been trying to satisfy.
    We need to make
    life changes to meet God in this way.
    Because He cares for us, we trust Him to use the situation to bring about a greater
    good than otherwise would be possible.

  • Slide #11
    If you want God's satisfying peace, however, then prepare yourselves to be
    changed and make changes.
    Let's note the
    seven steps to find this peace.
    The way we relate to man
    reflects a lot on how we relate with God
    His children are not to focus on how they are treated but on how the Lord has
    loved them!
    Instead of focusing on getting what we want, we need to focus on
    giving love and patience to the very people who threaten our chance of getting what we want.

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    As long as we
    refuse to deal with these issues, though, we will not experience His peace.
    And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall
    guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus
    Phase 1 has us work on
    relationships and attitudes.

  • Slide #13
    The apostle realizes that the peace of God is good but not our final
    A renewed mind brings stronger
    Peace is
    living with the Lord, making His priorities your priorities
    Finding peace is
    discovering God.

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