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Handling Extreme Anxiety

Session #8

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

  • Slide #2
    1) Some don't want to get
    better because it is a way to get attention and feel important.
    2) Others don't want to get responsible for then they would need to confess their wrongs.
    No such thing as
    good worry.
    sent Christ to restore our faith and confidence in His love.

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    Extreme worries are those that begin to affect your regular routine of life such as ones sleep, eating and other activities.
    At some point these worries step over into the realm of fear. In simpler words, they are worrying over worry.
    Panic Attack is a discrete period of intense fear or discomfort that is accompanied by at least
    4 of 13 somatic or cognitive symptoms.
    They are not speaking of medical causes having to do with the body but soul causes from the soul - fear (phobic) and anxiety.

  • Slide #4
    They run to the person they trust.
    Our unbelief is associated with our unwillingness and inability to
    trust God.
    This action of repentance effectively deals with the rebellion in our hearts and cares for the forgiveness of our guilt from our disobedience.
    We can start anew in building a relationship with God.

  • Slide #5
    Those who trust in God are secure, peaceful, confident and fulfilled.
    The problem is not whether God is able or willing to help us.
    When man rebelled, however, he began to rely on his ability to use the things that
    God had provided when He made the world.
    God is approachable.

  • Slide #6
    Transition times are difficult because they need to find new resources.
    Their tranquility depends on their confidence of finding solutions during these times.
    What makes this stage so dangerous is that it is survivable ... at least for a time.
    For example, some people try to get good feelings through
    indulging in food rather than being satisfied with food's special tastes, textures and scents.
    These people use God's things all the time, and yet strangely they are not able to trust God.

  • Slide #7
    The basic difference between the average and extreme worrier is that the common worrier is still able to find some kind of solution for their situation.
    They still have some hope in themselves or others that the situation will be dealt with.
    We must insist on dealing with the causes not the symptoms or the situations will get worse and worse so that the symptoms threaten a person's insanity or even life.
    Anytime a person loses confidence and trust, then he is very unstable.
    Complicating this problem is a person's fear on admiting their
    inability to handle something.

  • Slide #8
    The line graph above shows how the presence of trust or confidence rules out worry and anxiety.
    The Christian who
    worries shows that he is at level #2 rather than level #1.
    Do not undermine the importance of sharing the
    gospel with people in distressful times.

  • Slide #9
    Even when God is prompting us to turn to Him for
    protection and provision of that need, we tend to resist Him.
    1) We face problems in life that we need help with.
    3) We typically look for help in
    powerful things that exert strength.
    5) Those who rely on things other than Himself are called
    They thought their plan was better than God's
    We can best do this by discovering the things that we
    fear the most.

  • Slide #10
    Our doubt and unbelief shields out God's wonderful love.
    Think how differently we would respond to different situations if we really trusted in the Lord's
    Therefore the LORD
    longs to be gracious to you,
    The key issue is to trust God's constant love and repent from the doubt and
    fear that rejects it.
    Trusting in Him
    always leads to blessing even if it can't be seen right away.

  • Slide #11
    When we humble ourselves before God, God reveals a whole new view of our lives.
    We will note
    three important steps that we should take when a crisis hit.
    praise, whether in prayer or song, we actually declare the relevance of God's Word to our lives.
    His thoughts then gradually become our
    They hear
    Satan's voice say, "It is no use. Just give up. You can't do anything about it anyway."
    Remember God uses crisis times to bring us to

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