Threatened but Self–Confident

Threatened but Self–Confident

Transition times are difficult because they need to find new resources. Their tranquility depends on their confidence of finding solutions.
Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookThis second group of people seeks fulfillment for their needs in everything but God.

They trust in their own resources. As long as everything goes okay, they are very confident and upbeat about life. Their confidence is dependent on how they perceive things going on around them. Transition times are difficult because they need to find new resources for their needs. Their tranquility depends on their confidence of finding solutions during these times.

But they will eventually fail to find resources for the problems that they will meet up with. The 911 incident reminds us how slippery our grasp is on things around us.

And the world is passing away, and also its lusts... 1 John 2:17

What makes this stage so dangerous is that it is survivable ... at least for a time. People can usually endure the small worries and their consequences. Pills are taken. Divorce is accepted. New relationships are sought.

In the end they put up with these inconveniences and call it 'life.' But they don't essentially change. They refuse to humble themselves and admit that they are messing up their lives. So their situation persists with only slight corrections.

Many Christians actually live their lives like this. They never see the glory of God in their lives. Then again, many who say they are Christians do not really believe God though they say they do.

When you get down to the very basics of life, you will find that man either uses or misuses the things that God has made. All of God's gifts are good but man has not always rightly used them.

For example, some people try to get good feelings through indulging in food rather than being satisfied with food's special tastes, textures and scents.

Another example might be when man uses his computer to go gambling. Where did all the materials come from that make that computer? From God. What about your body's material substances? From God. Where did your soul (your invisible parts) come from? From God. Our bodies are good, but they are often used to do things that do not please Him.

These people use God's creation all the time, and yet strangely they are not able to trust God. Their trust is in their perceived abilities. Their possessions have made it possible for them to ignore God. Their spirit of self-sufficiency lives on pride. Their unwillingness to obey Him blocks out His love and power.

If man could just acknowledge God's true part in his life, then he would take a major step forward to establishing a trust that would eliminate worries. How? He would begin to see how God is able to take care of the difficult situations that he frequently finds himself in.

We would go much further if we submitted our wills to Him and acknowledged His purpose and provisions for our lives. This begins to bring all the loose pieces of the puzzle together.

We can spend so much time discussing the more common problems. We have done this elsewhere. Here we have promised to go on and discover how those with extreme anxiety differ from these 'mild' cases. These extreme cases are people in the third level of trust.

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