Kinds of Trust: Summary

Levels of Trust: Summary

Summary of Three Levels
Let me summarize these three levels of trust. Note that each of the three levels monitor both the degree of trust in God as well as in self. By trusting in self we mean that they have confidence that they can handle the problems they meet up with.
Level #1

Level 2

Level 3

Trusting God Not trusting God Not trusting God
Not trusting self
Trusting self Not trusting self

The line graph above shows how the presence of trust or confidence rules out worry and anxiety. The opposite is quite true too. The more worry we have, the less confidence we have that we are able to deal with different issues.

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookIn the chart below we show that those who do not trust in God (L#1,2) live in a precarious situation. Level two has confidence but that is a false confidence because at any time, that ability to care for his needs can and will disappear. The danger is just out of sight for the moment.

Only the third level is secure because of God's hand upon him. This person trusts in God. Remember, not everyone who says they trust in God do. The Christian who worriesshows that he is at level #2 rather than level #1.

suicide and lack of confidence

The arrows focus on the 3 response of the Level 3 panicky person. Thislevel is always a temporary stage. People cannot live in hopelessness. They rather be insane, wild or on drugs.

1) Return to false hopes in Level 2;
2) Leave life through suicide or death, or
3) Go to Level 1 where the Lord helps them.

Do not undermine the importance of sharing the gospel with people in distressful times. We never know how far they are from danger. They are desperate, and the Lord can really help them.

The way we usually deal with something is to rely on our own resources. Sometimes we are overwhelmed and are so desperate, we will go to others for advice. We have been sharing with you how God wants us to go back to Him for this help. This is how He designed us.

Trust is normal, but when our trust deteriorates, worry and anxiety increase. As long as we trust things, our worries will increase. We must trust God who made the things for us to find His peace.

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