Mobilizing God's People

How effective are you in mobilizing God's people to effective service?

Which of the following three circles best describes the active saints in your midst? The darker a spot, the more committed is an individual. The bigger the center, the more faithful the church equips her people.

A Dot Church

A Dot Church

A few doing everything.
An Eye Church

An Eye Church

Being tested:
Stretch or shrink.
An Wheel Church

A Wheel Church

A loving body:
Everyone serving all.

The test is in the serving. If they are not serving then there is no equipping!

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Mobilizing God's People

Be objective. We sometimes fool ourselves as to how good things are. A good test is to actually count how many members actively serve one another. We have provided three categories: Dot, Eye or Wheel. Let the numbers speak.

Even better, write down where each of them is involved in the church. Then categorize them into groups according to gifting (e.g. teaching, helps, organization, etc.).

A Dot ChurchThe Dot Church has a core leadership close to the pastor which does all the work. Whether they are called deacons or some other name is not imporant. The 'Dot Church' should be acceptable only in early stages of church planting. Clearly some repentance must precede any real endeavor to change. Without a change in hearts, it will be impossible to have the church turn their first love back to God. This is possible through the Spirit's work.

An Eye ChurchThe Eye Church has taken some aggressive steps forward. They have widened their team of workers beyond their immediate leaders. This is good, but they need to stretch themselves still further. The goal is to activate all the members to serve each other. Usually this church has one or more active ministries brothers and sisters participate in. God's plans must be carefully sought out.

An Wheel ChurchThe Wheel Church perhaps is a bit ideal. By 'all the members' we identify the goal which is nearly impossible to accomplish because of the limitations of sickness, new members and backsliders. Everyone is valuable when everyone is expected to serve. In this way even the sick are looking to God for how they can minister even in sickness. New members should early on be exposed to the process of seeking their important place of ministry.

"You also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ." (1 Peter 2:5)

Don't be discouraged! If you got this far, the Lord is awakening you to be a means to awaken your church to do His good works. We are not saying that it is easy to change others. We must patiently pray and see how the Lord will lead others to recognize this need and make the needed changes. Be slow in making changes and always quick to pray.

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