Marriage Oneness Quiz

Measuring Your Intimacy

Paul & Linda on a one marriage retreat in Gloucester, Mass., USA.

These are some commonly accepted beliefs about marriage. Which are true in your marriage?

Circle either Admit doing/thinking or Don't do/think (A , D ).

Testing your marital onesess!A  D   A good marriage is a 50/50 arrangement. (Gen 2:24)

A  D   One of the purposes of marriage is self-fulfillment. (Phil 2:3)

A  D   "I earned the money so I can spend the money." (Ecc 4:9-12)

A  D   Arguing is a normal means of communication. (Jam 1:19)

A  D   Each spouse has a leadership role in marriage. (Eph 5:23)

A  D   I am more courteous to friends than my spouse. (Col 4:6)

A  D   Disagreements about raising children cause us tension. (Ep 6:4)

A  D   It's sometimes okay to leave our conflicts unresolved. (Ep 4:26)

A  D   Arguing in front of the child teaches him conflict resolution. (Ep 5:22)

A  D   My anger gets the results I want. (Jam 1:20)

A  D   I must have time to myself to function well as a parent. (Gal 5:13)

A  D   We take turns getting our own way on various issues. (Zep 2:3)

So how did you do?

Now remember as you score, your real score is not what your marriage should be like but on how you now do and think about things.

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