Effective Ministry ...
           Consistent Prayer

Many people regularly prayed for this new beginning.

Bucknells 1986 OMF prayer card.

A missionary prayer card by which many people enlisted to regularly pray for God's work in Wujya.

3) Effective Ministry ... Consistent Prayer

Effective ministry is dependent on constant prayers.

Prayer for a new ministry requires extra prayer for two reasons.
1) There are no regular people praying for that work or area, and
2) Extra enemy barriers are in place that need to be taken out of the way for effective service.

Since this community was only 3-4 years old, there were only a few temples located in homes. But the evil one had control over that area. If we were to start a work, we needed to storm the area with prayer.

One of the most basic things that God prompted me to do was circle that whole region each day in prayer. I hopped on my bike and rode around saturating that place in prayer. We were not the only people praying. We had our prayer supporters. The church was praying. All together we were tightening a noose around that area so that God's light might shine in the darkness. And shine it did!

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