Stepping Toward Maturity

Pastor Jwang

Our new church facilities! Nanjing Church.

The new pastor and church building

4) Stepping Toward Maturity

Within a few months of starting, another more mature brother, who came to know the Lord later in life, would join the team who would soon graduate from Bible school. Pastor Jwang would nicely work his way into the responsibility of pasturing that fledgling church. They would also secure their own building and become a permanent influence on that community of 30,000.

The mother church with help from the CB denomination had a special project that raised enough for a mortgage on the church building.

Now there were two churches, 1 church for every 15,000 people. There was room for more. the larger team slowly went their own way leaving a smaller core group with local workers that had believed there.

We saw without doubt that a harmonious team joyously gets God's work done.

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