Leadership Training

  Different leadership training modules

  'Home Church' training is best

  Focus on training what they:

  • Need to be
  • Need to know
  • Need to do

Leadership Training

Different Leadership Training Models

Much has been said about leadership training. Those in foreign fields are sometimes much more open to better models than the Western Seminary/Bible College methods that are present there. Other times, they are even less flexible.

Home Church Training is the Best

The greatest leaders will be ones that can be trained right in their midst. I understand the complications of migration and cultural status, but mature and trained leaders will always gain respect from those around them. The greater question circles around how to train such a leader. I am sure I would have wholly agreed with the concept back then but not understand how it was to be done.

Most leadership development classes operate with the Western educational model in their minds. Jesus trained men otherwise. We need to better learn how to train people within the churches so that they are held accountable rather than being sent off, losing momentum, and draining lots of extra money and support from the home church.

In Wujya's case, we could get a pastor. Because he was older, the situation did not lend itself to training in the Chinese culture. This is not often the problem. In fact, one of the chief problems church plants face is adequately trained and gifted leaders. They need to think who will lead the new church.

Focus on training what they:

Need to be       Need to know         Need to do

The plan is, of course, to train their own leaders. They are already there. We need to instill vision and passion. We need to ensure holiness and love as ways of life. As we set up standards, we need to start bringing these upon the maturing leaders. We need to pray and plan on how to raise up new leaders even before there are new Christians. We will face all sorts of disruptions. We need to endure.

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