Deuteronomy: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Knowing God

Deuteronomy 5  

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

If we were a group of outsiders coming to earth and examine the human race from the beginning of time right to the end of time, I think among many observations, two would stand out.

Observations of earthThe first is how man constantly rebelled against the One who made and blessed him, not just in the beginning right after God man man and woman, but over and over again throughout time. God sent messengers like Jesus to help mankind, but they would mistreat or kill them. They certainly didn’t want the Lord to help them.

The other most intriguing observation would be to observe God’s extreme patience to this miniscule and difficult people. We might, just might hope, that He would help them out a little bit. But no, He was patient with them for 6,000 earth years. Many times in many ways He tried to call man back to Himself.

So we need to ask ourselves why are these things happening. If someone fed you nice things and gave you gifts, would you be mad at him and reject his favor? On the other hand, why is God being so patient with mankind? These are some questions that should perpetually shape our thoughts and life decisions. Let me get to the point.

If we ought to rightly respond to God who has been so good to us, why am I so stubborn against doing what is right? Why do I allow myself to be so easily deceived thinking that God has some mean motive? Can I not simply move forward and enjoy my trust in a loving God?

Deuteronomy has us looking back but also moving forward. This is where we see God’s mercy and grace ooze out all over the words of Deuteronomy. Each section testifies to God’s good intention. It is undeniable.

Looking back, moving forwardDeuteronomy has four sections. We have looked at the first section, A. Reconnecting with God’s Purpose (Deuteronomy 1-4).1 A new generation grew up before Moses, but God’s purpose remained the same. Through an elaborate rehearsal of events, good and bad, Moses reconnects that generation with God’s unchanging covenant. Through the offer of Christ on the cross and the establishment of the New Covenant, we know each generation has its opportunity to understand and join God in His greater purposes.

Today we begin a new section, Reflecting on God’s Person (Deuteronomy 5-11). The manner we respond to God’s commands fully reflects the way we respond to God Himself. Through many warnings and exhortations, Moses calls God’s people to devote themselves to the God who has revealed Himself to them in His Word.


God asks each generation the same question, “Do you love me more than all of these?” Can you tell Him that you love Him more than all? In spite of man’s refusal to quickly follow the Lord, He has been so patient to call us to Himself. We see it again revealed throughout Deuteronomy chapter 5 where we are reminded of His call to Himself, the gracious revelation of His covenant and the special relationship we have with Him. Truly we can call this the greatest love story in the world. We will be asking, “How do I respond to such a friend?”

Please continue reading part 2: Our Gracious Call (Deuteronomy 5:1-5).


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