Six Practical Steps in
Overcoming Anger

Page 1 Circumstances: Steps #1-3

Page 2 Consequences: Steps #4-6

Download whole charts in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat).

Consequences of My Anger

4) List names and relationships of those your anger has impacted from the incidence of anger shown on page 1.

5) Write out appropriate words or short phrases describing evil impact under each category.

Consequences of anger Chart - sample

6) By writing these things out, you have acknowledged your evil. Now you need to:

  • a) Confess your evil one by one to the Lord.

  • b) Ask for His forgiveness.

  • c) Seek reconciliation with each person, with apology, asking for forgiveness, acknowledgment of pain you brought to them, and making any appropriate compensation for financial losses incurred.

  • d) Go back to page 1 and write down the time of full reconciliation. Thank God for His grace.

Copy and use the blank chart below for your personal needs.