Growing the Church Through Biblical Training

 Study Questions and Resources

Questions for Reflection

(1)     What technological advances have made an impact on present day Christian training?

(2)     What changes in our society have made training of God’s people an imperative?

(3)     What makes The Flow so powerful?

(4)     What basic training truth is taught by 1 John 2:12-14?

(5)     Why do Christians encounter so many problems in their spiritual growth process?

(6)     What are two important questions to ask to identify gaps of training in our churches?

(7)     Explain the two phases of a possible means to train your church to be come ‘training’ sensitive?

(8)     Why is it important to have laypeople involved in training?

(9)     What is the purpose for training God’s people?

(10)  What basic training truth is taught by Ephesians 4:11-14?

(11)  Sketch ‘The Flow’ chart. Be able to explain it.

(12)  List three differences between emerging leaders into full-time ministry that have been part of “The Flow” and those that have not.

(13)  What are your goals in terms of teaching or training of your people?

(14)  What kind of training does your church presently have? Does the training accomplish the needed results?

(15)  Write down some problems your church faces and the reasons for these problems. Sketch a curriculum that would address these issues by changing God’s people.


Other Resources

The Flow is a slide show that teaches the same as above but more graphically.

Discipleship Training Overview shows how important discipleship is to our Christian life.

You will want to take a good look at all the materials BFF has and how they are related to the three levels of training.

The Devastating Effects of Secular Parenting reveals how most Christians accept the secular mindset!

By looking at the Uniqueness of Christ we can easily spot thirteen weaknesses of humanism and the damage this popular religion has brought to our society.

Danger of Professionalism is one part of the ADT series that shows the great advantages of in-house training over formalized training.

The Heart of True Discipleship takes a good look at Isaiah 50:4-5 where we find a wealth of insight in how we are to live out our Christian lives for effective service.

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

by Paul J. Bucknell