Thanks for praying!

June 2, 2001

Dear Prayer Team,

I realize more and more how dependent this ministry is on God and your prayers. Two particular incidents emphasized this in the past week.
(1) Last Sunday, the image of a sailboat came to my mind. A sailboat can have a strong sail but without any wind the boat will be adrift in the ocean. Or there might be a great wind but no sail up to catch its breeze. The wind then has no affect. The truth of God is like the sail; the wind, the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God uses His precious Word to do His work in this world. We might produce many excellent web pages(sails), but without the "wind" of God's Spirit, all is in vain.

(2) Paul met recently with Dorn from the Pittsburgh Coalition Against Pornography. We were discussing how one of my web series might be of help to reach those caught in the struggle. We both realized that unless men were broken in heart, they would not use it. We need the Spirit of God to prepare the hearts of people who then would take a step toward knowing the freedom God gives.

On a different note, it was interesting to read in Dr. Dobson's (Focus on the Family) latest letter his concern over this last year why so many people had stopped calling and writing letters. He then realized that the web was serving the needs of many. People are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to develop appropriate web materials that meet the needs of the people. This is where we are at: relevant materials taking God's truth from the scriptures and presenting them to modern man.Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Major project: Fourth section is being worked on - about half way through. A more extensive section on confession is being readied to be uploaded.
We are thankful to the Lord for putting off the sale of our house. The last 3 appointments didn't show. We realize that our greatest goal is to sell when the Lord wants.
I am thankful I discovered an easy way to reorganize the front page with questions. I had already downloaded info on learning the Java language and so I don't need to be distracted with that at this point.
We appreciate a greater spirit of patience around our home in these last weeks.
Possible temporary job for Elizabeth (besides some babysitting).
Thanks and blessing to those helping BFF with advice. Paul really appreciates these concerned and gifted advisors.

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Pray for the Spirit of God to prepare the hearts of the people to respond to God's mighty Word. Remember the sailboat.
Perseverance in finishing the major project which should end up over 130 pages long!
Several people suggested writing a book. I'm praying about it.
June 15th is our deadline for selling our house. If we do not receive an offer by June 15th, then we will take the house off the market for at least 6 months and reevaluate our situation. An interesting bit of information is that the daughter of my Dad's wife is planning to move near her Mom next year. We see ourselves in the Lord's hands willing to go or stay, all in His timing.
Looking for some volunteers to review the website and spot problems and improvemets. (Have some time?)
Reorganizing Home Page. Still need to implement the ideas.
Blessing and traveling mercies for us at Home School Conference June 4-9. We are looking forward to hearing Bruce Wilkinson who's book on the Prayer of Jabez ( I Chronicles 4:10 ) has been mightily used of the Lord recently. We attribute our coming baby as one of those blessings He has recently brought to our family.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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