Pray BFF#46                                             July 16, 2003

Dear Prayer Team,

Translation: Expanding Around the Globe

The desired but unplanned happened. BFF is able to offer translation into different languages. One can either 'paste' a section of text to be translated or put a web page address (url) into a little box and out comes a mechanical translation!

Altavista made it so easy that we couldn't resist adding the one line into the web programming. Of course, a little more work than that had to be done, but it is done. A distant prayer from the past is now among answered prayer. It is hard to contain Paul's delight at how this miracle jumped into an otherwise very busy schedule. Thanks to all those who prayed about this matter.

We wanted to share more about BFF's world-wide reach.

Three specific avenues to reach the world:

#1 BFF can now offer translation services into nine different languages! It is a dream come true that those knowing Chinese can read a mechanical translation of our web pages. French, Spanish, Portuguese. True, it is not as nice as a real translation and there are blunders in translation, yet the capability is there. It should only get better. We are thankful it is free! (Thanks Altavista!)

#2 A number of people visit BFF from different countries using their own search engines. Those engines are often equipped to provide mechanical translation. Some internationals use English as their preference. Here are the ones that searched and logged on to our web pages early in July.

Brazil {marriage design}; Canada {unfaithfulness- husbands} ; Denmark; Finland (Psalm 45 Messiah God); Germany Nehemiah 8:1-12; Hong Kong {old testament time chart}; India {arranged marriages}
Ireland {old testament passages on marriage}; Italy ; Japan {anxiety problem}; Korea ; Netherlands {working against fear, worries and anxiety}; New Zealand {overworked pastors}; Singapore {discipleship topics}; Taiwan ; UK.

#3 Others go directly to BFF's website. We do not know where they are from except if they email or signi up for BFF's recent updates. These include a lot of African countries. Also, Phillippines, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, India, etc.

Indeed if our goal is to train up 100,000 godly leaders throughout the world, we need to communicate with them.

We need your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God that THE FLOW web pages have been completed with further explanation! This last part amazingly just 'flowed' in (not planned).

The miracle of translation has come! Free and easy. God helped us.

An important series on the Bible's Reliability was both developed and uploaded. "Origins of the Bible" discusses questions like how the Bible originated and how come the apocrypha is not part of the Bible. Thanks to God for help in teaching this class.

An overall discipleship system is starting to come into being. Thank God for His wisdom and insight.

Many a morning while praying and meditating, the Lord brings ideas, burdens and thoughts into Paul's mind. Thank the Lord for persistently helping Paul out of impossible dead ends.

Further plans on the Library are coming slowly but surely. Many of these materials now being developed are converging into a unified presentation which can be put into a Library!

Pray that we would go step by step in accomplishing all the tasks that He has put ahead of us including getting BFF's first Library edition out.

Wisdom for understanding the intricacies of the first stage of discipleship.

Aiming to develop the "R"-factor or "Cross †rainer" series with a team late this month. This is a basic discipleship course that will help Christians get a good footing in antagonistic cultures.

Much help is needed to organize a team as well as actually doing it for the above series! Our hope for having a team is that a greater blessing will come to many more people.

Still hope to create a new homepage. Much wisdom is needed from the Lord.

Wisdom in developing a series on 'Deep Magic.' The section on demons still needs to be done.

Paul is part of a mini-committee planning to follow up those committing themselves to go into fulltime service. May God give wisdom as an excellent and helpful followup program is developed.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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