Pray BFF#45                                             June 20, 2003

Dear Prayer Team,

Expanding the Ministry

Last August, we made a decision to tithe BFF's income. We now take ten percent of what comes in and give it to ministries and projects that are aligned with what God wants to do through BFF. Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." We desire to integrate this truth into the fabric of the BFF ministry. Once we made this decision, though, we hit the dryest season on income giving since BFF's inception. We have thought about changing back to the old way. But we believe that if God can't make us a blessing to others then BFF shouldn't be in existence. The needs of the third world are so enormous. We want to be part of God's love reaching out to them.

We hope to start a new aspect of ministry - the Library ministry. Some have suggested that we publish books on various subjects such as the Overcomer Series, but publishing takes a good initial investment. Library production is much more feasible for a small ministry. As much as the Lord provides through our BFF tithe and special donations, we want to mailfree materialss to ministries, libraries and individuals around the world. We hope people will install the materials on their computer and pass the Library on to others who can do the same.

Our goal for this project is to put BFF materials on the computers of people around the world so it is handy and usable. We also hope to include printable materials on the Library which are hard for many to download from the web site because of their large size. BFF now has about 1,100 web pages and some of them, if printed out, are 12 pages of small print. These printable materials will require lots of work to get the Library ready. We also hope to produce special introductory materials for THE FLOW vision and Advanced Discipleship Training concept for Library.

Summer Fun

It has been some time since we have included some search phrases people have used from the search engines. People select through a lot of choices to reach our pages. We have received 181 pageviews from just one smaller search engine called since the beginning of this month. The links are all installed. Just click on their search phrase and see what they chose to see. (We do not know names of people who have used the website).

As can be seen below, someone actually searched for 'Clean Pornography.' More amazing than this contradictory phrase is that they chose to come to our website that had to do with overcoming homosexual tendencies.

Here are what 25 people chose out of the many choices presented from the web site ('q' stands for the question they asked to be searched.)

q=trust between Husband and wife
q=What keeps a marriage together?
q=where can I find money for seminary?
q=obstacles to effective ministry
q=How to I keep foundations from cracking?
q=overcoming anger
q=reasons why men cannot have children.
q=Child Discipleship
q=What questions should every couple should ask before getting married?
q=Is it sin to look at pornography?
q=Influence Of Confucianism On China
q=Dealing with revenge
q=1 Corinthians 13:4-8a
q=how do i speak to an angry person
q=Book Of Judges Outline
q=How singles can accept God's will
q=what is the Chronological order of the books in the Bible
q=Christian Marriage Sexuality
q=movies dealing with homosexuality
q=how to deal with obsessive thinking
q= overcoming loneliness
q=pain and pleasure
q=benefits of allowing a baby to cry
q=renewing husband/wife relations
q=what are causes of no self control
q=worry and the mind
q=bible references on drugs
q="needs versus wants"
q=Clean Pornography
q=How to apologize to your wife
q=Map of Paul's Missionary Journeys
q=how to handle a flirtatious wife
q=proverbs 3:5-9

We need your prayers!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

We have been able to reformat most of the parenting pages.

Our van was back in the shop but the extra repairs for what seemed a major problem were only over $100 which the insurance company covered. The repair was done overnight so no rental was needed.It seems to be running fine now

Paul has been able to make a lot of progress on the Advanced Training Curiculum. We now have 4-5 weekly modules available. Paul has had the joy of meditating on whole books of the Bible.

Praise God for His mysterious but always faithful provisions!

Beginning to understand what is needed to produce a BFF Library. Thank the Lord for the new computer He provided that can produce Libraries.

Production of a Library needs lots of prayers. Time, insight on design, and wisdom for introductory materials. We hope to use some movies which requires a whole new set of skills.

Wisdom on how to introduce THE FLOW, a training concept for Christians and churches.

Gathering a team together to develop a 'relational' discipleship course.

Spiritual breakthrough for counseling cases and insight for mentoring situations.

Pastor Stephen in India is having a Prayer Conference today, June 20, in another unreached area of his city. Pray for protection afterwards too.

Paul is preaching on June 22.

Among our ambitious plans is to create a new homepage. Much wisdom is needed from the Lord.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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