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Crossing the line
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Before we move on, let's highlight one other difference which often leads to confusion.

Man's View
Leads to Pain

Without any supervision it is true that most people target their own pleasures. Like eating, sexual practices bring a pleasure even in compromising situations.

In most of these cases, it is the pleasures that are chased after. These pleasures lead us into dangerous places. For example, adultery seems very attractive, but its result is ever so painful for those involved.

God's View
is Fulfilling

Because of God's design, God is concerned with how man looks for pleasure. Pleasure in and of itself is not wrong. However, it is not to dictate our choices. God is very concerned with how we seek pleasure for we often choose ways that conflict with God's ways.

In this case, a Christian is not pleasure-oriented, but other-oriented. Pleasure is better seen as a by-product of good and right decisions. Pleasure is to reward and encourage us to live God's ways.

God confirms the need to confrim to His design and plans affirmatively through ongoing love and negatively through pain. Just observe the aggravated pains and fears that come through sexually transmitted diseases. A couple that has kept abstinent until marriage and then faithful to that one partner is not normally vulnerable to STDs (sexualy transmitted diseases). They do not need to worry about the necessity or safety of using condoms.

But with fornication, comes emotional scars, dependency problems, physical diseases, inability to have children, uncared for children, and the build–up of doubt that there is a person out there that would really love them.

Let’s now turn to how we can actually know how God has designed us.