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Crossing the line
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We all start at the same place of defeat. We have no purity to boast of.

We have our weaknesses and broken lives to face. We wish we were not here, but in fact we find many others are also in a similiar situation.

Brokenness confusion searching humility confession hope
Difficult down cycles precede the upward ones.
In the last section, we focused on where we came from. We got a glimpse of our failure. We in fact have identified specific areas where we have fallen short of God's expectations and wrote them down.

Through this section we want to dream about crossing the finish line. We must grasp firmly for the goal. The goal keeps us focused and steady. In the last section we tried to help you identify your deepest heart desires. Do you really want this purity? How much of your desire is only talk? We now will go on and clearly define what this sexual purity is all about. This is our destination. This is what we are running for.

We want to gain those things that God has designed for us. We have not arrived there yet, but together we have made a commitment to run the race for sexual purity together.
    The big question is,
 "What is sexual purity?"
Where do we find the answer? Someone has rightly said,
"If we do not know what we are shooting for, then we will definitely miss the target!"

One might be a fast runner, but if he is not clear of where the finish line is, his speed could go against him. He might be running the wrong way! So we need to clearly set before us what sexual purity is. False notions must be stripped away. New and proper understandings need to be formed and embraced. =>

If we do not know what we are shooting for, then we will definitely miss the target!