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Design and Freedom& Freedom

How does freedom relate to design?

Many people think that the best definition of freedom is the ability to do what one wishes.

That definition might work in some circumstances, but unfortunately it makes an assumption that is faulty for earth–bound humans. If what we felt or desired was always according to our given purpose or design, then this definition would be okay. However, our desires often lead us in a direction that is not best for us. Our desires commonly lead us contrary to nature. True freedom is when we are able to live within God's given design for us.

"I feel like..." or "Do what comes natural." Many people affirm that our desires always lead us right. "Do whatever comes natural," they would say.

We know, however, by laws and common observation that even when people say this, they do not mean it literally. We cannot go take any woman we desire nor take what belongs to another without regard for the interest of others. These considerations reveal that our desires do not always bring us to choices that are good for us or others. Have you not desired something that has brought you personal regret and pain?

Freedom implies something which is good for us. When a slave gains freedom, he is released for a better life as a free man. A prisoner is set free. He is released from his confines into the world where he can go where he desires. If our desires are bad and lead us to do things other than we were designed for, then we should not call that freedom but slavery. We should instead admit that we are bound to make foolish decisions that in the long run hurt my life. Free sexual expression has led to a generation suffering from STD (sexually transmitted diseases). There has been loss of freedom.

Freedom then is not the ability to do whatever we desire, for our desires are often bad and evil; they are contrary to our purpose and makeup. We might be free to live under the water, but we would die. This is not freedom. True freedom is the ability to live according to the purpose of our design and make-up. In regards to sexual expression, we must learn from God and His Word what we are free to do and what we are not free to do.

The question is, "What were we designed for?" The question is crucial because without firm conviction on this point, we will fumble and be thrown off the path and lose the race at great consequence.

Let's go now and see what that design for our sexual nature is.