Freedom is power.    Although freedom has many different meanings, freedom speaks about ability, movement, access, choices, and places. God has repeatedly shown in His Word that there are two aspects to true freedom.

Freedom means release. Freedom is the ability to stop doing that which is harmful and not pleasing to God. Freedom is fulfillment: Freedom is the abiliyt to live our lives according to God's design.
"O LORD, surely I am Thy servant,
I am Thy servant, the son of Thy handmaid,
Thou hast loosed my bonds."
Psalms 116:16
God works through our needs to have us call upon Him to set us free.
An interesting freedom fact:
Those who experience the greatest freedom are those who live within good and firm constraints.

Other thoughts on freedom.
The problems we generally face stem from wanting a life different than what God has chosen for us. We think our choice is better. We have insisted that freedom consists in obtaining our choices, but God has clearly taught and demonstrated through Christ that true freedom is living God's way.  

 Jesus Christ said in John 8:32,

".. you shall know the truth,
     and the truth shall make you free."

The time has come for a new generation to arise and purposely embrace God's gracious and good ways. Evidence is mounting on our every side depicting the consequences of rejecting God's truth and love. God is real and very active in this world and in our lives.We must not only know but act upon the truths found in God's Word. God's Word needs to be made the foundation of our lives rather than one meager lamp post in a bustling city. The words of Jesus Christ set before us the pathway of freedom leading to a purposeful and fulfilled life.
Please join us in discovering these mighty truths of the Lord and how they can practically help us all in living great lives: lives that Jesus Himself described as free!

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