Pray BFF #53                                  January 13, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

Delighted in Him

Two days before Christmas our 12 passenger van broke down. After having it towed to the garage, we were told the bad news: the engine seized up. Since our Volvo was in the process of being junked, we were out of transportation. But by God's grace, we had a nice and quiet Christmas! We made a choice to trust the Lord on this one. We didn't just accept the situation but delighted in it (Sure am glad Linda did the food shopping ahead of time!). Later the next day, Christmas Eve, someone came to our home bringing an anonymous love gift that fully covered putting a rebuilt engine in our van. We were touched deeply with expression of love. It crowned this year of special provision. (Ask us about the potatoes some time).

God also provides much wisdom and fruit. Each time I think about BFF, I am both amazed and humbled. I keep asking myself, "How did it happen?" It is not BFF but God-designed. God is the glorious enabler. The major series produced in 2003 are: Genesis: The Book of Foundations, Understanding Genuine Revivals, Biblical Parenting Principles: Toddlers and Up, The Origins of the Bible, The Flow: Establishing a Growth Pattern in the Church, Understanding the Dark World, Deep Magic and Reality, Principles and Problems of Urban Church Planting and Advanced Discipleship Training. This is all to God's glory. We just try to keep up with Him.

Annual Reflections

Let's think a little further about what God has done in 2003.

• Readership. We have about 500 people viewing over 1,000 BFF web pages each day. This is double what we had last year. But Google, the big search engine is going public. We don't know what changes this might bring. Our goal is still 2,000 daily pageviews.

• Financial target. Last year we were rather embarrassed by the Lord. Our goals just didn't match up with what God wanted. The Lord took care of our needs but not through BFF. This year we are going to do what the Lord tells us: Simply ask for daily needs. We really do not know what our genuine needs are. Sometimes we need testing. The Lord is more interested in the changes brought about in our personal lives than set income.

• Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT). We are most excited about the potential of this training program. By establishing this material, a very significant step has been taken. We are not sure how God will utilize this concept to help train thousands of workers around the world. Just this morning I heard of one place where a number of churches have started spontaneously. The leaders of each one aren't trained pastors. They need training right where they are. We want the number of churches that begin to share this vision to grow. Only He can do that. This year, we will carefully watch Him and again follow. Come join us in this prayerful watch.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

The parenting class is progressing nicely. The last parenting class will meet on 1/25.

We are thankful that the Advanced Discipleshp Training (ADT) material was finished before Christmas. We have had positive feedback from this.

Thank the Lord for helping Paul preach on Guidance for our Personal lives from Isaiah 43.

God has been gracious to help Paul with the recent increase of teaching and preaching responsibilities.

We are thankful for many more speaking/training opportunities.

Thanks for fairly good health.

Praise God for His wonderful provisions through 2003. Someone even suggested that we write a book about it.

We have two parenting classess and one marriage class scheduled for the first half of 2004.

Pray for special blessing as Paul preaches and teaches these next weeks.

Pray that churches would begin to gain a vision to train their own men for ministry. This is even more important in undeveloped countries.

God has provided a video camera! Now Paul needs to learn how to use it to develop training seminars on Library. Many materials beg for video training or at least a movie introduction.

May God send world revival this year!

We are praying again for help and wisdom as we try to work through the steps in becoming a non-profit organization. Each year so far we have had obstacles that keep us from finishing that job.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom

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