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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Understanding & Discovering God's Will for My Life

Understanding & Discovering God's Will for my Life

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

ISAIAH 43:1-21

Understanding God's Will | Developing Trust (Isaiah 43:1-2) | Two Guidelines (Isaiah 43:7) | Changing Perspectives (Isaiah 43:18-21)

Understanding God's Will

Understanding & Discovering of God’s Will for my Life is a Biblical study based on Isaiah 43:1-21 and through its three parts provides great insight into the trust, guidelines and changes that are needed to seek and discover God's will for our lives.

The three parts to this study on discovering God's will can be summarized as below.

A• Does God have a plan that we can trust? (43:1-2)

 Part 1: Understand the importance of trust in discovering God's will.

B• What is God's purpose for my life? (43:7)

Part 2: Understand two guidelines to keep us in His will.

C• Why is seeking God's ways so difficult at times? (43:18-21)

Part 3: Understand what perspective changes are necessary in order to embrace God's will.

God's ways are beyond our comprehension. God is the infinite Creator while we are created and defiled man. But there is an interesting twist to this issue. God wants to reveal His ways to man. Deuteronomy 29:29 instructs us that the Lord desires to reveal some important matters to His people.

"The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law."(De 29:29)

This is the reason we have the Word of God. Of course, we cannot understand God's complete mind, but we can know the thoughts that He reveals to us.

Around New Year's many individuals are asking the questions about purpose and meaning of life. Perhaps they have played with their new Christmas toys long enough and have found them not as exciting and tantalizing as promised. Material things cannot truly satisfy us but only distract us.

Purpose of Life

Isn't it true that even if we know about God's ways that we also want to know about our part in it. In fact, as we search the scriptures we will discover that God has a marvelous plan in place.

Although He shows us the entrance to this pathway that leads to fulfillment, we are too often like the spies sent into the Promised Land.

Our minds are so cluttered with our thoughts of fulfillment and what it might mean; we never get on that pathway. Or perhaps at some conference we are inspired for a moment to step in that direction but as the vision fades, we find it much more comfortable to walk our old path.