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Understanding & Discovering God's Will for My Life

Understanding & Discovering God's Will for my Life

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

Developing Trust in God's Will

Isaiah 43:1-2

Understanding God's Will | Developing Trust (Isaiah 43:1-2) | Two Guidelines (Isaiah 43:7) | Changing Perspectives (Isaiah 43:18-21)

Developing Trust in God's Will, a Biblical study on Isaiah 43:1-2, is part 2 of a series, Understanding & Discovering of God’s Will for my Life, which helps us understand the importance of trust in discovering God's will.

A) Does God have a plan that we can trust? Isaiah 43:1-2

Let's look at what God says in Isaiah 43:1-2 about His plans for our lives.

1) But now, thus says the LORD, your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!
2) "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you.What is it that we find here? (Isaiah 43:1-2)

We discover here two special truths about God's relationship with man that have much to do with understanding God's will.

1• God is Our Creator

We first discover that Yahweh our God is our Creator. He claims to have formed us. When we make something, we usually have a purpose for that thing we have made.

My daughter spent quite a few hours assembling a four foot high roller coaster out of small pieces at a friend’s house the last couple of days. The box was full of pieces but each one had its special place. When it built according to design, one can see the special place each piece holds. Design reveals purpose.


Many people, however, are very suspicious of God's plans for our lives. If He indeed has made us, then we are obligated to perform according to His expectations. Islam only has this distant understanding of God. They are fearful of impersonal fate.

Without understanding God's love for us, we can understand that He might make us just as a tool. Instead though, we discover that each is specially made so that we can cooperate with Him in the accomplishment of His will.

2• God is Our Loving Redeemer

Let us note how this verse speaks so powerfully of God's loving plan.

1• Do not Fear

We first note that the Lord tells us not to fear. In other words, once we hear the great Creator has designed us for some purpose, we can feel afraid. We can feel used. Many of us have been made unimportant by the way people shout and just want us to get something done. They don't really care much for us, or at least they don't let us know that.

Isaiah 43:1 outlined

2• There is a Reason ("For”)

Note the word "for” in this verse.  The word 'for' shows us there is a reason we do not need to be afraid. If we just speak of God's mighty purpose for us, we will be alarmed. We know not whether it is good for us or not. He tells us not to fear. He gives us two reasons. 1) He has redeemed or bought us and 2) He has called us by name.

3• God's plan is a loving plan ("redeemed”)

God Himself is in charge of it. Notice the "I" that is used. Redeemed of course refers to the special way God buys His people back from the power of death.

The OT picture of the Exodus helps us picture this, but even this points to the great buy-back plan by Jesus Christ who redeems His people by His death on the cross. His death became a satisfaction of our moral obligations and released us from the control of the dark one.

Last Friday I junked our ancient car (a Volvo). We appreciate being able to use it for seven years. But it is kind of hard calling place after place asking if anyone would want to buy it. "No.""I'll tow it away for you."We appreciate one place that gives us a little money but it is hard to junk it.

4• God's plan is a personal plan ("called by name”)

 We also see that He also calls us by name. God is not just speaking to the masses but to the individual. Like in the New Testament Jesus called Simon and later called him Peter the Rock. This naming reminds us of His personal knowledge and care for our lives. He bought us and called us means that we belong to Him in a special way.

5• His Prized Possession ("You are Mine”)

We as His people are His. We are not just things but prized possessions!

Many people struggle with this concept of purpose and meaning in life. They should realize this quest for significance reveals an imprint by the Almighty Creator on our lives. People will try all sorts of means to fulfill this void:  possessions, comfort, ease, knowledge, wealth, protection.

Mountaintop experiences fade so quickly!Many of us try through experience to fulfill that gap in our lives. We might conquer mountains or climb corporate ladders, but these quests will never fulfill our lives. We are not saying climbing a mountain is wrong in itself. Not at all. But we can be sure if we are seeking that one thing to fulfill us, we are very wrong.

The curse behind all this is that we only discover it until we have gained that item. Then with the attainment is all that emptiness of life. When Solomon the King took his eyes off the Lord, he tried to use all sorts of things, stimulants, experiences, accomplishments, etc. to satisfy the inner craving, but none of them could.

I wonder if you have experienced this void of life before? I hope now you can identify where this consciousness of being part of a greater purpose comes from. We only will be fulfilled as we seek out God's purposes for our own lives. God made us God called us God named us God bought us God claimed usThe Lord tells us,  "For because of your trust in your own achievements and treasures, Even you yourself will be captured; And Chemosh will go off into exile Together with his priests and his princes."(Jeremiah 48:7)

Summary   "You are Mine!

Before we make some applications, come back and remember the major points made here in verses 1 and 2.

• God made us.
• God shaped us.
• God called us.
• God named us.
• God bought us.
• God claimed us.


• In the end by acknowledging these facts, we as His people can prepare our hearts for what God's purpose is for our lives. God has personalized our lives by naming us. If we are His then He has a plan for each one of our lives. It comes all together as a package plan. God is building up our trust in Him. Without this trust, we will never be able to live fulfilled lives.

• We are making some stronger claims though too. We are saying that unless you know God personally through Jesus, you will never be fulfilled in this life. Some Christians are instructed to tell non-Christians "God has a wonderful plan for your life."We should question this. It is true if we say if they come to know God this is true. there is a great gulf between the Christian and non-Christian. We must keep this distinct.

• Lastly, if you as a Christian, even though named by God, do not seek to know Him and His purpose, you will always feel left out and waste time trying to get accepted by others. And as we have mentioned before, we will spend all of our time trying to fulfill a greater goal in life even if it is ease and luxury. This is tragic. This is like a man dying from lack of food even though he hid loads of money in the walls of his home.

Why don't we all turn our hearts to this good God? Now is the time to see His glorious purposes fulfilled in our lives. Can't you hear God's Words to you, "You can trust Me!”

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