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The Lord Your Healer: 

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch by Paul J. Bucknell

Newest! The Lord Your Healer

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

First step of discipleship
revive devotions
Advanced Discipleship

The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

Commentaries that specialize on training the teacher!

Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Biblical Teachings by Topics

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Parenting || Marriage
Discipleship 1 || Discipleship 2 || Discipleship 3

New! The Life Core: Discover the Heart of Great Training (Book and videos)

Marriage Navigator

Marriage Overview - {60+ articles!}
Building A Great Marriage
Harmony in Parenting – Discipline
Renewing Affection between Couples
Hope for Damaged Marriages

Biblical Parenting Principles

Overview Chinese version
The Goal of Parenting
One Great Team: Dad & Mom
Parental Authority
Developing Self-control in our Children
Child Training & Routines
Correcting Our Children
Discipline & Loving Use of the Rod
Setting Boundaries
Raising Godly Children

Other Parenting/ Family Articles

Need of Parental Love
Children in Public Worship
Is Birth Control Christian?
Can Boys or Men wear earrings?
Regaining the Heart of Your Teen
Building Respect for Authority
Setting TV standards
Other links to the family
Discipling your sons: The why and way
Love & Discipline
Biblical Perspective on Drinking and Drugs
Discover Biblical Leadership


What if I don't forgive?
What is forgiveness anyway?
What are the 7 steps to seek forgiveness?
Consequences of not forgiving
Forgiving ourselves
Do I need to always forgive?
What if they don't ask for forgiveness?
Forgiveness and Revival

Bitterness is like Allergies

Overcoming bitterness and finding forgiveness.
1) Ignoring God's design causes problems.
2) Our symptoms call us to correct our problems.
3) Easy to ignore certain problems
4) If not fixed, complications develop.
5) Children will inherit our problems.
6) Cures come from eliminating problem
7) Happiness resolves our problems



God's Common Grace | video | audio (New)
Grace & Graciousness
Finding Grace in Difficult Times
Grace to Forgive
Reviving a Sense of God's Grace
Grace in the NT
Grace in the OT
Spiritual Gifts & Grace
Saying Grace
Grace & Pleasure
Testimonies about God's Grace


The Transformation of Hope

Building Blocks

The Power of Shaping Truths

Reviving your Personal Devotions

Introduction Chinese version
The Shaping of our Lives
Struggling for Quality Devotions
Catching the Excitement
Meeting God in NT
Quality Prayer
Quality Bible Reading
Preparing Your Heart
Great Expectations
Communing with God
Preventing Burnout
Other Questions | Study Questions

Opening Your Heart to God
Glow to Glory: A new spiritual discipline

Discerning God's Will

Problems Joining the Church?

Planning with insight
#1 Planning for disruptions
#2 Receiving God's correction
#3 Trusting God with our plans
#4 Desiring God's purpose
Summary of Principles

the Will of God
Staying Focused on God's Will
Decision-Making and Knowledge

Connecting Your Work with God's Work

Developing Your Prayer Life

BFF index of articles & videos on prayer
Jehoshaphat's Prayer

Six Aspects to Godly Prayers

Understanding the Dark World

Discovering the Source of Magic
Dangerous Secrets from Beyond
The Two Spheres of Deep Magic
Identifying the Two Great Forces
Escape from the Dark Side

Understanding Tragedies

Introduction to Tragedies
Questions and Answers
Explaining Natural Disasters- God's Perspective
Finding Peace and Prayers
Understanding God's Judgment
The Flood and God's grace
Waiting on God for revenge
Job's Suffering (New)
Understanding Good and Evil
The World: A Backward Place To Live (New)

Reviving Your Faith

Continuous Personal Revival | Video
Water Gate Revival
Understanding Revival's Cycles
From Revival to Despair
Revival comes from Joining the Church

Feeling Distant From God (New)
Reviving Our Lives through God's Word
2 Chronicles 7:14 & Revival
Three Steps to Renewal

Revive Me, O Lord
Living by the Spirit
More! An index on Revival article



Discipleship Training

'The Flow' : A video podcast with study questions
'The Flow' : The Training Process (Slideshow)
'The Flow' Explained
Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT)
Thoughts on discipleship
Designing discipleship materials
Developing Our Prayer Life at Different Stages
Stages to discipleship
Concepts of discipleship
Key discipleship principles
The Heart of Discipleship (Is 50:4-5)
Shaping Concepts
Combating Spiritual Decline
Path of Spiritual Decline
Fitting into the Cycle of Growth
Discipling your sons: The why and way
Restoration of our Lives (3 parts)
Spiritual Warfare: General Principles
The Plan of Discipleship (2 Tim 2:2)
Principles & Problems of Church Planting

Discipleship Level 1

Basic Discipleship Introduction
3 x E Discipleship- Student & Teacher

Cross Training -
A Discipleship training course
that builds character through observing
relationships in the scriptures.

Discipleship Level 2

Level #2 Discipleship Introduction

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity Index

Extra Resources: Understanding Temptation

L#01 Establishing Hope | Podcast
L#02 Discovering Choices | Podcast
L#03 Gaining Strength | Podcast
L#04 Overcome Anger
L#05 Overcome Anxiety | Podcast
L#07 Overcome Lusts | Podcast
L#09 Overcome Depression| Podcast

Discipleship Level 3

Level #3 Discipleship Introduction

Finding Salvation

Gaining New Life
How does truth set free?
Rivers of Living Water
Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

Sharing Christ

Introduction | Podcast

The Origins of the Bible

The Challenge of the Bible
The Transformation of the Bible
The Canonization of the Bible
The Extent of the Bible
The Inspiration of the Bible
The Reliability of the Bible
The Relevance of the Bible
Which Bible Version to use?
A Conspiracy with Bible Versions?

The Bible - the Word of God

Chronological order of Bible books
Order of the Hebrew Cannon
The Sword of the Spirit
Is God's Word Relevant?
Skepticism and Higher Bible Criticism (New)

The Godly Man

Godly Leadership

Discovering Effective Leadership
The Making of a Godly Leader Seminar (New)
Overcoming Discouragement and Depression
Bible Studies on Godly Living
Dangers of Counseling
Setting Priorities
7 Principles to Spirit Dependent Teaching
The Christian Premarital Counseling Manual with handouts and worksheets


Overcoming Sexual Lusts

The Ruins of Sexual Immorality: Hugh Hefner is No Friend

The Big Race

Joining in
Getting Ready
Getting in Shape
Your Trainers
Distance Training
Course Overview
Crossing the Line
Readying the Mind
Mastering the Course
Deciding to Win
Running the Race

Battling Sexual Immoralities/Relativism
Handling Pornographic Attacks
Redeeming a Walk: Enjoying God's beauty and avoiding lusts

Society and Truth

Moral Slide of Sin
Filled with charts depicting the connection between cultural and personal sin.
Influence of Truth on Society
Truth can be found in non-Christian cultures.
Cracking Foundations

Societal Issues

Cultural Wars: A look at Sodom and Society
Teaching on societal problems from Romans
Guilt of Mankind
Rejection of God,
Principles of Barriers & doors
Cycle of Decline


Definition of freedom
Truth's Transforming Power John 8:32
A series helping us to understand how truth relates to freedom

Free will and Salvation

Defining Problem
Problem passages
Election & Predestination Romans 8:28-30


The New Era of Modern Missions: Video (New)
Ultimate Love, Extreme Missions | video podcast

Short Term Mission Trips

Africa report 2009 | Africa video 2009 | India report 2009 | India video 2009 |
Nigeria report 2008 | Nigeria video 2008| India report 2008 | Malawi - India report 2007 | India report 2006 | India Video 2006


Biblical Teaching on Anger

Consequences of anger
Speaking with an angry person
Two Kinds of Anger
What Bible says on overcoming anger

Six Steps to Overcoming Anger

Circumstances of my Anger (Charts)
Consequences of Anger
Handling Angry Teens

Resolving Anger

#1 Accepting blame for my anger.
#2 Developing qualities
#3 Tracing Anger to its Root Causes
#4 Understand why Things Happen
#5 Turning Anger into the Power of Love
#6 The Power of "Crying Out"
#7 Breaking the Bondage of Anger
#8 Acknowledging Inherited Weaknesses
#9 Dealing with Anger Addiction
#10 Repairing Damage of Unresolved Anger


Overcoming Anxiety:

Finding Peace, Discovering God

All ten sessions have slides and worksheets.

#1 Journeying with God from worry to peace
#2 Understanding how come people worry
#3 Accepting responsibility for our worries
#4 Discovering Patterns of Anxiety
#5 God helps us cope with worries
#6 Detecting and destroying roots of anxiety
#7 Deliverance from 'worry' temptation
#8 Handling the three stages of anxiety.
#9 The process to overcome typical worries.
#10 Becoming a worry overcomer!

Seven Steps to Finding God's Peace

Dealing with Fears & Emotions

Security & Fears


God's Ingenious Design
Man’s Empty Search for God’s Gifts

Bible Maps

Old Testament Geographical Historical Map
Map of Gospel of Matthew
Acts Map: Paul's 1-2 Journeys
Acts Map: Paul's 3 & Rome Journeys


    Walking with Jesus

    Abiding in Christ series

Cults, Philosophies, Beliefs & Error

Examination of Self-esteem from Psalm 8

High Self-esteem's Blowout

God’s Ingenious Design: Seeds
The Choice against Secularism
Detecting Error
Conversations with Liberals
Paul's Advice about False Teachers
Error Within: Hedonism & Relativism
Sharing Gospel with Jehovah Witnesses
Dangers of Mormonism (Latter Day Saints)
Evangelizing the Cults
Defending Deity of Christ
Counterfeit Faith: Humanistic faith
Three Affirmations of Christ's Deity

Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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