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The Ruins of Sexual Immorality: Hugh Hefner is No Friend

The Ruins of Sexual Immorality

Hugh Hefner is No Friend

Paul J. Bucknell

Purpose: An analysis of Playboy star Hugh Hefner's devastating effect on modern culture. This article and many of our books and video lessons are on the Discipleship 2 (D2) Digital Library.

Hugh Hefner wounded me in his attempt to steal my soul and kill my body. I do not celebrate his life nor embellish his celebrity but ignominiously treat his name among those who killed millions like Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin. Those in Hitler’s time rose up against him because of his senseless mass murders and put him to his deserved death, but our generation remains blind to Hefner’s mortal play, enabling him to live to 91 and pass on his 100 million dollar estate to others.

Hefner’s chief evil was not in making porn available or attempting to normalize public nudity, though these dark stains remain, but profiting from the production of a philosophy romancing evil and seducing countless millions. I do not care to descend to speak of his motives, but the fact that his poisonous life philosophy could personally enter so many hearts and homes inciting adultery and bringing disease, fornication, and sexual conflicts speaks resoundingly on his resolute purpose. The resulting and incessant pain and death surrounding his ways is absolutely astounding.

"We will never recapture the importance of Playboy in the ’60s and ’70s,” he told The Washington Post in 2003, “because we changed the world. We live in a Playboy world now, for good or ill". – Hugh Hefner (Washington Post)

The false hedonistic prophet had entered into the world to destroy the old and reshape it, but we the people and victims continue not to have the wherewithal to identify and reject the evil and curse of his message, resulting in an ongoing flow of ruin flowing through our streets and hearts. Purity, fidelity, and true love have been replaced with greed, selfishness, and sensuality, leaving only a tiny number of people seeking God’s more excellent way of true love.

Contentless, the curse of the modern world incessantly mocks any personal intent to be pure while it boasts of its beguiling, dark philosophy, infecting many hundreds of millions around the world without any limit in sight. Here are some devastating effects of this now openly-accepted worldwide philosophy:

• The sacrifice (think abuse) of children, women, and even men has become normalized so others can satiate their personal pleasures, and though wearing a mask of love, it is wickedly selfish and evil.

• Adultery is accepted as a personal choice rather than an abrogation of a marriage covenant, fostering wayward lusts that trample over commitment resulting in loss of affection and devotion, eventually destroying marriages and families.

• Divorce is applauded as a normative alternative to marriage rather than a betrayal, causing deep-seated and unresolved generational anger, anguish, poverty, and isolation.

• The degradation of human beings acting like beasts, devoid of any mark of the image of God, ripping open sexual intimacies for selfish deceit and exploitation.

• The lack of self-control is now considered natural and beneficial, slicing the fabric of our society apart, preferring one’s self-seeking and indulgent desires over the value of others, leaving a long-lasting ruinous effect upon our community and relationships.

• Unbelief that marriage is holy, sacred, and glorious leaves little hope for those wanting a good marriage—even though God’s design of marriage is incomparably superior in every way (Gen 2:18-25).

• Although abortion is not seen as directly related to immorality, it undoubtedly is one horrific result when one no longer associates children with the holy purpose of those locked in marriage.

Each of the above concepts, when embraced, bring about daily decisions compounding pain from physical disease and broken families all at an inestimable cost. Our world has abdicated God’s best, preferring to dicker over condom usage and the best way to dispose of unwanted babies, rather than seeking for pure and holy marriages resulting in families that uphold virtue, marriage, and true marital bliss.

This poisonous sack of moral disease seeping from Hugh Hefner’s huge legacy has raped the ignorant world, seducing them into slavery to their lusts and becoming entirely blind to the goodness of God’s ways.

Hugh Hefner’s name will one day be attached to the pain, disease, hatred, and immorality shared with this world, but for now, the world goes deluded in celebrating their murderer and cheerleader on the way to hell. Hefner said, “for good or ill” but indeed there is not a shrill of goodness in his endeavors but an eternity of ill.

What would the world be like without holding back the monstrous plans of Adolf Hitler to create the pure race? We, fortunately, will not need to think about that due to the many soldiers that went to war fighting such evil, but where are the soldiers fighting this war against this devilish philosophy of immorality? Do we not have any generals willing to lead the troops to fight and destroy this evil worse than Hitler’s?

Maybe, some will think I have elevated the sense of evil associated with this wave of pornography because of my pain and struggles. I don’t think so. For every one of me who can bear their scar marks to show how they resiliently fought this evil, there are countless millions who continue blindly acting as servants to this giant money-making industry, willing to waste people to make a substantial gain for themselves.